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Page Title: Release grip.
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4.6 Test methods and procedures.
4.6.1 Environmental. operating temPeratures.- All moving or movable parts shall
be inspected for operability and performance when exposed to the specified
low and high temperatures of 3.3.1. The release grip, holding features,
shield assembly and headrest shall be inspected in accordance with 4.6.3
to inclusive. Vibration. - The mount shall be positioned in a vibration test
adapter secured to the vibration equipment. The mount shall be vibrated in
a vertical plane in accordance with the conditions specified in 3.3.2. A
visual inspection shall be made for physical damage or loose components
and assemblies. The mount shall then be subjected to the following tests
specified herein.
4.6.2 Orientation. - Special test equipment conforming to the require-
ments of Drawing F1055466O (Holding Fixture) shall be utilized to accept
the mount, completely assembled, and secure it in the position required by
3.4. Set-up of the test equipment and installation of the mount under test
shall be performed in accordance with the applicable set-up instructions
contained on Drawing F10554661 (Set-Up Final Test Fixture for Mount Peri-
scope: M118).
4.6.3 Release grip.- When the mount is oriented and positioned on the
device as specified in 4.6.2, the gages in 4.6.7 shall be utilized for this
test. Release the Locking Lever 8619482 and pull to full open position. It
shall remain at this position for this test. Insert the maximum interchange-
ability gage into the bottom of the mount and push up until the release lev-
ver is activated and snaps into position. Caution should be used to make
sure the gage is secured before the inspector releases his hold on it, to
prevent injury. Do not lock Lever 8619482. Allow the release grip (safety
latch) to hold the gage in the mount. To remove the gage an upward pres-
sure shall be applied with the left hand to prevent dropping. A pull of
not more than 15 pounds on the release grip, using standard measuring equip-
ment, shall allow the gage to drop free and be removed from the mount as
specified in 3.5.1. Perform the above test using the minimum interchange-
ability gage to determine compliance with 3.5.1.
4.6.4 Holding features.- A test standard conforming to the require-
ments of Drawing F10554663 shall be utilized in lieu of the referenced.
gages (see 3.2.1 & 3.5.2). With the mount positioned on the holding fix-
ture, the Test Standard 10554663 shall be inserted into the mount utiliz-
ing the procedure described in 4.6.3. Subsequent to insertion of the test
standard, the Locking Lever 8619482 shall be released and then pushed to
its forward-most position. This action will lock the test standard in the
mount and the spring loaded plunger will secure the lever assembly in a
locked position. A dial indicator graduated in .0001 inch increments shall

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