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Page Title: Contractor furnished inspection equipment.
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MIL-M-46312B(MU) Failure of sample.- Should any one item of a special
sampling fail to meet the specified test requirements, acceptance of
the product shall be suspended by the Government until necessary
corrections have been made by the contractor and resubmitted samples
have been approved (see
4.4 Inspection equipment.- Except as otherwise provided for by
the contract, the contractor shall supply and maintain inspection
equipment in accordance with the applicable requirements of MIL-I-45607.
4.4.1 Government furnished inspection equipment.- Where the con-
tract provides for Government furnished test equipment, supply and
maintenance of test equipment shall be in accordance with the applicable
requirements specified in MIL-I-45607.
4.4,2 Contractor furnished inspection equipment. Government design.- Unless otherwise specified in the
contract, all inspection equipment specified by drawing number in
specifications forming a part of the contract shall be supplied by the
contractor. Contractor design.- The contractor shall design and sup-
ply inspection equipment compatible with "Test Methods and Procedures"
specified in 4.5 of this specification and with the component inspection
procedures specified in "Examination" and "Test Facilities" require-
ments of MIL-F-13926. Since tolerance of test equipment is normally
considered to be within 10% of the product tolerance for which it is
intended, this inherent error in the test equipment design must be
considered as part of the prescribed product tolerance limit. Thus,
concept, construction, materials, dimesnions and tolerances used in
the design of test equipment will reliably indicate acceptability of
a product which does not exceed 90% of the prescribed tolerance limit,
and permit positive rejection when non-conforming. Construction shall
be such as to facilitate routine calibration of test equipment.
4.5 Test methods and procedures.
4.5.1 Environmental. Temperature.- The mount shall be subjected to Test
Procedure 11 of MIL-F-13926. However, the temperatures specified in
3.5.1 and 3.5.2 shall apply. When the mount has been stabilized at
the high and low temperatures specified in 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 the torque
of knobs and scales shall be inspected for conformance with 3.7.1
and 3.7.2. After having been stabilized at standard ambient temper-
atures, the mount shall-be inspected for conformance with 3.2. Vibration. - The mount shall be vibrated in accordance
with Test Procedure V of MIL-F-13926. However, the frequency,
amplitude and duration specified in shall apply. After

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