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Page Title: Functional operation.
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3.3 General specifications. The mount shall
services acceptable to the Government. In-
meet the following requirements of Specifica-
spection records of the examinations and
tion  MIL-F-13926.
tests shall be kept complete and available
to the Government as specified in the contract
(a) Order of precedence
or order. The Government reserves the right
(b) Dimensions and tolerances
to perform any of the inspections set forth
(c) Inorganic protective surface finishes
in the specification where such inspections
(d) Part identification and marking
are deemed necessary to assure supplies and
services conform to prescribed requirements,
3.4 Environmental.
4.1.1 General provisions. The quality assur-
3.4.1 Operating temperaturcs. The oldham
ance provisions of this specification and of
coupling, double eccentric adjuster as indi-
other documents referenced herein form the
cated on Drawing 138614774, and all move-
basis for inspection to be performed by the
able linkage assemblies shall be mechanically
supplier. Inspection shall be in accordance
operable, and the mount shall meet all the
with the requirements of Specification MIL-
performance requirements herein when ex-
1-45208 and the component inspection re-
posed and thermally stabilized at ambient
quirements of Specification MIL-F-13962.
temperatures of +150 and 40.
Definitions of inspection terms not otherwise
3.5 Performance.
defined herein shall be as listed in Standard
3.5.1 Level vial.
The level vial bubble shall
be centered within
one graduation line width
when the mount is
positioned in compliance
4.2 Inspection provisions.
with the Notes on
Sheet 3 of Drawing F863-
4.2.1 Inspection lot. Unless otherwise speci-
fied by the contracting officer, inspection lot
3.5.2 Functional operation. With the mount
size, formation, and presentation of lots shall
in its normal operating position (adapter
be in accordance with "Submission of Prod-
plate horizontal and linkage in accordance
uct" as specified in Standard MIL-STD-105,
with Drawing F8634465) the mount shall
firmly secure a medium representative of a
4.2.2 Examination and tests. Components
Periscope, M30 or equal when the locking.
and subassemblies shall be inspected in ac-
handIe of the mount is actuated to the locked
cordance with the inspection provisions con-
position and held in place by the projecting
tained in Specification MIL-F-13926, and
spring loaded button in the collar assembly
List of Supplementary Quality Assurance
(Dw'g. D8270628). When the Iocking handle
Provisions, LSQAP-8634465. Examinations
is moved to the unlocked position, the catch
and tests related to Section 3 herein shall be
assembly (Dwg. B8205659) shall prevent the
performed on a defect (individual character-
medium from falling free of the mount.
istic) basis in accordance with Standard
MIL-STD-105, and the inspection level and Backlash. Backlash between the
sampling plans specified in table I titled
Pivot bolt, 8213050 at the end of the linkage
"Classification of Defects". Examinations
and the P1ate, 8247024 on Coupling, 8614811
and tests for Packaging, Packing and Mark-
shall not exceed 0.2 mil.
ing shall be in accordance with Specification
MIL-P-14232 and Section 5 herein. The
tabulated classification of defects shall con-
4.1 Responsibility y for inspection. Unless
stitute the minimum inspection to be per-
otherwise specified in the contract or pur-
formed by the supplier prior to Government
chase order, the supplier is responsible for
acceptance or rejection by lot. The Govern-
the performance of all inspection require-
ment reserves the right to inspect for any
ments as specified herein. Except as other-
applicable requirement, and to reject indi-
wise specified, the supplier may utilize his
vidual nonconforming items.
own or any other inspection facilities and

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