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Page Title: Test methods and procedure.
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dimensions shown on Drawing F8634465.
test equipment that conforms to the require-
The equipment shall also conform to the
ments of
following: Level vial. Position the Arm 8614786
(a) Level vial. The test equipment shall
to the basic dimension specified on Sheet 3 of
provide a means of positioning
Drawing 8634467 and apply the required
the Arm, 8614785 within a toler-
static torque to surfaces "x" and "y" of the
ance of plus or minus 0.0005 inch.
coupling. The level vial shall meet the re-
(b) Functional operation. The test
quirements of 3.5.1. The verticality of the
equipment used to simulate the
plane formed by the coupling surfaces "x"
function of the periscope shall
and "y" shall be measured with standard
conform to Drawing F8229243.
measuring equipment and shall meet the re-
(c) Backlash. The telescope used in this
quirements specified on Sheet 3 of Drawing
test shall be equipped with a
crosshair reticle, the reticle line Functional operation. The special
width shall not exceed 0.001 inch.
test equipment specified in 4.4,3 shall be used
The telescope shall be equipped
to perform this test. The mount shall meet
with an adapter to permit mount-
the retention requirements of 3.5.2 when the
ing on Plate, 8247024. The adap-
device is inserted into the mount and the
ter shall contain provisions for
locking handle is actuated as specified.
maintaining the telescope optical
axis perpendicular to surfaces Backlash. The telescope and target
"x" and "y" of the coupling
specified in 4.4.3 shall be used to perform this
within plus or minus 60 minutes.
test. Secure the telescope to Plate, 8267024
The target utilized for this test
with its optical axis perpendicular to the
shall contain acceptance or rejec-
plane established by surfaces "x" and "y".
tion limitation markings that
Position the target the calibrated distance
shall be positioned within an ac-
from the mount with its vertical line plumb
curacy of 0.1 mil. The target
and its horizontal line laying in the hori-
vertical line shall be plumb.
zontal plane containing the axis of Coupling,
4.5 Test methods and procedure.
8614811. Energy to actuate the parallelo-
gram linkage shall applied at the Bolt,
4,5.1 Operating temperatures. The condi-
8213050. With backlash removed for direc-
tion for temperature cycling for the oper-
tion of travel, establish coincidence of the
ability test of the mount at the specified
telescope horizontal reticle line and the
temperature extremes specified in 3.5.1 shall
horizontal target line image shall not exceed
be in accordance with "Test Facilities" of
the tolerance specified in as measured
Specification MIL-F-13926. When the mount
on the target. Repeat this test by depressing
is thermally stabilized at specified tempera-
the telescope line of sight 15 degrees then
tures, it shall be subjected to the tests speci-
returning it to the horizontal. Any backlash
fied in through inclusive and
resulting from this movement shall not ex-
shall meet the performance requirements at
ceed the tolerance specified in
each temperature extreme. The components
and assemblies indicated in 3.5.1 shall be
subjected to a tactile examination of the low
and high temperatures to determine com-
5.1 Packaging, packing and marking. Pack-
pliance with 3.5.1, Return all components
aging, packing and marking shall be in ac-
and assemblies to their original position
cordance with Specification MIL-P-14232
following this test.
and Packaging Data Sheet MIL-P-14232/-
P8634465. The level of protection shall be as
4.5.2 Performance. The following tests
specified in the procurement document.
shall be performed with the aid of special

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