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Page Title: Hot-oil piping.
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insulated hinged doors on each end to permit entry and discharge of the drums to
and from the drum-heating compartments  Doors shall be hinged, shall be
provided with latches, and shall be weathertight.  Loaded 55-gallon asphalt
drums snail slide freely from the loading platform through the entry doors into
the dedruming tunnel.  The empty drums shall slide freely through the discharge
doors into the discharge chute. Three vertical layers of 2-inch pipe with
welded joints shall be provided for the tunnel.  One layer of pipe shall be
placed in the middle to separate t-he two adjacent drum-heating compartments.
The other layers shall be placed one on each wall. A horizontal layer of
2-inch, schedule 80 pipe with welded joints shall be provided along the bottom
of each drum-heating compartment and shall be spaced so as to support the
asphalt arums in the center and on each side of each drum-heating compartment.
The tunnel shall be constructed to permit its removal from the melting and
storage tank and placing the tunnel in the tank to reduce the total shipping
volume to within 110 percent of shipping volume of the melting and storage
tank.  The tunnel shall be provided with rub strips to prevent damage while
being placed in the melting and storage tank and shall be securely anchored when
placed in the tank to prevent any damage to the melter during shipment.
3.6.1 Drum hoist.  When specified (see 6.2), a manually operated chain hoist
shall be provided to place a loaded 55-gallon drum on the loading platform. The
hoist load sheaves shall be accurately machined to prevent binding and to pemit
easy operation.  The hoist shall hold its load indefinitely at any point without
help from the operator.  The hoist lifting capacity shall be not less than 500
pounds with a chain pull no greater than 75 pounds.
3.6.2 Loading platform.  A loading platform for supporting loaded asphalt
drums shall be provided.  This platform shall extend across the drum entrance
end of the asphalt melter and shall support one drum in front of each entrance
door.  The loading platform shall be provided with an expanded metal surface.
3.0.3 Discharge chute.  The asphalt melter shall be provided with a discharge
chute for guiding empty drums from the dedrumming tunnel to the ground away from
the asphalt melter.
3.7 Hot-oil piping.  The hot-oil supply line and return line shall extend to
an external location at the drum entrance end of the asphalt melter for hookup
to additional hot-oil piping (see 3.10.1), and shall be provided with valves and
caps or plugs with retaining chains.  All threaded connections shall be NPT.
With the exception of connections that are necessary for removal of components,
all threaded connections shall be externally brazed, silver-soldered, or welded
to prevent leakage.  Flanged connections may be used to facilitate component
removal.  Unions shall be used at all connections which must be disconnected in
order to place the dedrumming tunnel into the melting and storage tank for
shipment.  The melting and storage tank piping shall be arranged in parallel
with the dedrumming tunnel piping.  Valving shall be provided which will allow
the two piping circuits to be operated either individually or in combination at
the discretion of the operator.
3.8 Asphalt hose.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), each asphalt melter
shall be provided with a 10-foot length of 3-inch, high-temperature, flexible,

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