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Page Title: Additional piping and fittings.
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galvanized steel hose.  Tine hose shall be equipped with an American Standard
Pipe thread on one end and the hose end of a quick-disconnect coupling on the
other end.
range from 50 F LO 450 F.  The thermometer shall be provided with a stem which
shall be suitable for use in the thermometer well specified in 3.9.1.
3.9.1 Thermometer well. A well for the thermometer (see 3.5) shall be
located in the vicinity of the asphalt suction pipe inlet and shall be inclined
at an angle above the horizontal.
Additional piping and fittings.
3.10.1  Additional hot-oil piping. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), each
asphalt melter shall be provided with additional 2-inch pipes one valve, and all
threaded fittings to connect the supply and return  lines of two melters in
parallel and extend these lines to points shown as "End of Additional Hot-Oil
Piping" in figure 1.  The required piping shall be based on melters being
arranged as shown in figure 1.  One valve and all unions and reducers indicated
in figure 1 shall be provided with each melter.  Piping and fittings shall be
arranged so as to incorporate all the valves, unions, and reducers at the
locations indicated in figure 1.
3.10.2 Additional asphalt fittings.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2),
each asphalt melter shall be provided with the required 3-inch fittings to
. connect two asphalt melters in parallel to the suction side of an asphalt
distributor.  The asphalt hose (see 3.8), shall be utilized between each asphalt
melter and these fittings.
3.11 Accessory box.  Each asphalt melter shall be provided with an accessory
box of sufficient size to hold the additiona] fittings and valves that are
removed from the melter for shipment.  The box shall be made with a structural
steel frame covered with No. 14 gage sheer steel and shall have an overlapping
hinged lid which will prevent the entry of rain or dirt.  The lid shall be held
closed with a hook-type tension fastener.  Provisions shall be made to allow the
box tO drain in its mounted position.  The accessory box shall be attached to
the melting and storage tank below the drum loading platform.
3.12 Skid.  The melting and storage tank (see 3.5) shall be mounted on a
structural-steel skid frame to form a self-contained unit.  Both ends of the
frame shall be reinforced, and each end shall be provided with two towing eyes
having an inside diameter opening of not less than 3 inches.  The skids shall be
curved or turned up at both ends for towing.  The skids and skid fastenings
shall withstand towing without damage or permanent deformation when the asphalt
melter is towed oil a dry level surface at speeds of not less than 2 mph.
3.13 Lifting attachments.  Permanently affixed lifting attachments that
enable the melter to be lifted in its normal shipping position shall be

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