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Page Title: Component tests.
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4.4.2 Component tests.  Test each pipe coil before it is installed by capping
the ends, subjecting the coil to 100 psi air pressue, and applying a soap
solution to each joint.  Test each melting and storage tank prior to installing
the insulation and outer sheath by filling the tank with water and allowing to
stand for 1 hour.  Evidence of leaks, or damage to the melting and storage tank
or to any of the pipe coils shall be cause for rejection of the component.
4.5.1 Examination.  The asphalt melter shall be examined as specified herein
for the following defects:
101.  Dimensions not as specified.
202.  Fasteners not as specified.
103.  Material not as specified or the materials are not resistant to
corrosion and deterioration or treated to be made resistant to
corrosion and deterioration for the applicable storage and operating
environment e
104.  The contractor does not have documentation available for identification
of material, material finishes or Treatments.
105*  Dissimilar metals as defined in MIL-STD-889 are not effectively
insulated from each other.
106.  Assembly not complete or not correct.
107.  Components not as specified or missing.
108.  Piping arrangement not as specified.
109.  Continuity between dedrumming tunnel and melting and storage tank not
as specified.
110.  Additional hot-oil piping not as specified (when applicable).
Thermometer not protected or not located as specified.
Drum hoist (when applicable) not as specified.
Loading platform not as specified.
Discharge chute not as specified.
Drain not functional.
Accessory box not as specified.
Lifting and tiedown attachments not as specified.
Identification or other marking, including caution plate, not as
specified, missing, or illegible.
119.  Treatment and painting not as specified.
120.  Stenciling not as specified, missing, or illegible.
121.  Workmanship not as specified.
122.  Safety devices not as specified.
123.  Maintainability not as specified.
4.5.2.`rests. Test conditions.  Unless otherwise specified in a test, tests shall
be performed without shelter and at the climatic conditions existing at the
place of test.  The melter shall operate as specified herein without maintenance
other than the contractor's recommended normal scheduled maintenance as
established by a maintenance schedule prepared and submitted by the contractor
prior to rest.

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