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Page Title: External tritium contamination.
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MIL-M-70742 (AR) Shock.  The shock-producing apparatus shall be
capable of producing the shock pulse and shall be calibrated for
conformance with the requirement as outlined in 3.5.3.  The
frequency response of the complete measuring system, from any
accelerometer through the readout instrument, shall be accurate to
within ten percent of the specified tolerance.  Subsequent to the
18 shock impulses the mount shall be visually examined for damage
and shall meet all requirements of this specification. Vibration "A".  This test is applicable to the First
Article sample only.  The vibration exciter or transition table
shall be approved by the government.  The mount shall be attached
by its normal means, either directly to the vibration exciter or
transition table, or by means of a rigid fixture capable of
transmitting the vibration conditions.  Precautions shall be taken
in the establishment of mechanical interfaces to minimize the
introduction of extraneous responses in the test setup.  The test
load shall be distributed as uniformly as possible on the
vibration exciter table in order to minimize the effects of
unbalanced loads.  The input control sensing device(s) shall be
rigidly attached to the vibration table or fixture if used, as
near as possible to the attachment point of the mount.  The
vibration shall applied as specified in  Upon completion
of the vibration test, the mount shall meet the requirements of
this specification. Vibration "B".  This test is to be performed as
outlined in Procedure V of MIL-F-13926, however the frequency and
duration shall be as outlined in  At the conclusion of
the test the mount shall meet the requirements of this
specification. External tritium contamination.  Contamination test
shall be performed by wiping the telescope with filter paper
moistened in distilled water.  The wiping shall be performed with
moderate finger pressure.  The damp filter paper shall be placed
in a container with the proper portion of scintillation liquid.
The read out shall be within 10% of the known standard value when
counted to a total of 2000 disintergrations.  The actual test for
determining contamination is performed by placing the container
into the scintillation system.  The measured contamination shall
be within the limits specified in 3.5.6.
Sealing (counter box area).  The counter box portion
of the mount
shall be pressurized internally to the psi value
specified in
3.5.6 with dry nitrogen for the length of time
3.5.6.  Dry nitrogen used in this test shall have a
specified in

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