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Page Title: Intended use
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marking that may be required by the con-
with applicable box specifications and for
tract or order (see 6.2), all interior pack-
PPP-B-636, and JAN-P-108 shall not ex-
ages, and all shipping containers shall be
ceed 20 pounds.
marked in accordance with Standard MIL- Level C. Intermediate packaging
shall be in accordance with the manufac-
turer's standard practice.
6.1 Intended use. Slotted retaining nuts,
5.4 Packing.
covered by this specification are primarily
intended for use with pronged lockwashers
5.4.1 Level A. Unless otherwise specified
in securing and locking ball and roller bear-
in the contractor order (see 6.2), nuts shall
ings in position against shaft shoulders. This
be packed in such a manner to prevent shift-
specification covers the requirements for MS
ing of contents in wood-wirebound, wood-
19067 to MS19068.
cleated plywood or nailed wood boxes con-
forming to Specification PPP-B-585 (class
6.2 Ordering data, Procurement documents
3), PPP-B-601 (overseas type) or PPP-
should specify the following:
B-621 (class 2). Gross weight of shipping
containers shall not exceed 200 pounds.
(a) Title, date, and number of this
specification. Liners, Each shipping container
(b) Type, class, and size of nut re-
shall be lined with a sealed waterproof case
quired (see 1.2 and 3.5).
liner conforming to class 2 of Specification
MIL-L-10547 and sealed in accordance with
(c) Protective finish required (see 3.6).
the appendix thereto. When intermediate
(d) Sampling required, if different
container conforming to Specification JAN-
from 4.3.
P-108 are used, case liners will not be re-
(e) Place of inspection if different
from 4.4.4.
5.4.2 Level B. When Level B packing is
(f) Whether preservation shall be Lev-
specified in the contract or order (see 6.2),
el A or Level C (see 5.2).
nuts shall be packed in such a manner to
prevent shifting of contents in wood-cleated
(g) Whether packaging shall be Level
fiberboard, wood-wirebound, wood-cleated
A or Level C (see 5.3).
plywood boxes conforming to Specification
(h) Whether packing shall be Level A,
PPP-B-591, PPP-B-585 (class 1 or 2) or
Level B, or Level C (see 5.4).
PPP-B-601 (domestic type) or in fiber
boxes conforming to the special requirements
(i) Special marking if required (see
of Specification PPP-B-636. Gross weight
5.5) l
of wood and wood-cleated boxes shall not
exceed 200 pounds.
Notice. When Government drawings, specifications,
or other data are used for any purpose other than
in connection with a definitely related Government
5.4.3 Level C. When Level C packing is
procurement operation, the United States Govern-
specified in the contract or order (see 6.2),
ment thereby incurs no responsibility nor any obli-
nuts packaged in accordance with 5.3.1 or
gation whatsoever; and the fact that the Govern-
ment may have formulated, furnished, or in any way
5.3.2 shall be packed for shipment in ac-
supplied the said drawings, specifications, or other
cordance with the manufacturer's practice.
data, is not to be regarded by implication or other-
wise as in any manner licensing the holder or any
5.5 Marking. In addition to any special
other person or corporation, or conveying any rights

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