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Page Title: Detail drawings
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3.9.1 .1.1  "Manufacturer's Use only" notes.  Information intended for manufacturer's
use only shall be so designated.  Conversely on a commercial drawing with wide usage it is
permissible to designate portions thereon, "For Navy use only". Dimensional tolerance.  Unless otherwise indicated by note, legend, or
key, all tolerances shown on a drawing must be complied with during both manufacture and
maintenance repair.
Design drawings shall consist of the drawings described in
Design drawings shall be submitted to the design review agency
for review except where submittal for approval is required (see 6.1.1). Sectional assembl drawin s.  Sectional assembly drawings shall include a
sectional assembly with references to the list of material for identification of individual
parts.  Side or partial views may be required in order to show parts not otherwise shown in
the main section view.  All running clearances shall be shown and shall be dimensioned as
radial clearances. (The radial clearance equals one half the diametral clearance.) Tightening
torques and thread Lubrication requirements for threaded fasteners shall be shown on the
assembly drawing.
# List of material. The list of material shall include every part required
in the pump a ssembly, including those parts not required to be detailed. The list of material
shall include an indication of l ach part required by this specification to be furnished as an
onboard repair part (this is not a repair parts list).  The list of material shall include
the manufacturer's drawing number and service part number for all parts for which detail
drawings are required (see as well as quantity required, material type, and
material specification for all parts (see 3.9.2).  Parts shall be named to indicate the
function they serve.  Fasteners and other parts for which detail drawings are not required
shall be identified as to size and type.  The list of material may be shown on the sectional
assembly drawing. Detail drawings.  Detail drawings shall be furnished of l ll parts and sub-
assemblies necessary for evaluation of the equipment, and of all parts necessary for
maintenance, and overhaul of the pumps.  Details of these parts shall be so complete as to
permit emerqency manufacture by a Naval shipyard without assistance from the original manu-
facturer.  Details of pump casings shall be furnished, but the dimensioned development of
cored hydraulic passages need not be shown.  Sub-assemblies whose parts can not be procured
or serviced individually, should be shown as a single part and so indicated.  Multi-detail
drawings are preferred, but monodetail drawings may be used.
#  Outline drawin s and certification data.  Outline drawings and certification
data shall be furnished as supplemental drawings to all sectional assemblies and details.
Separate outline drawings, drawing lists and certification data shall be furnished under
l ach contract or order unless the complete equipments covered by the outline drawing and
the reference drawings are in fact identical in all respects.
t  The outline drawings in addition to the certification data required by
MIL-D-1000/2 shall contain the following;
Dimensional outline assembly drawing of the pump with its prime mover,
bedplate and attached auxiliaries.
(b)  Complete performance data of pump, prime mover, and attached auxiliaries,
if l pplicable.
(c)  Complete equipment performance curves, based on actual tests (the original
submissions may show design performance curves versus test curves).
(d)  Weights of major subassemblies over SO pounds, e.g. rotor, upper half-
casing, lubricating oil cooler, and the weight of the complete unit,
including driver, dry and in operating condition.
(e)  Shipbuilder's connections showing size, type and dimensions of flanges.
(f)  Center of gravity of the pump component and of the complete assembly.
(g)  Radii of gyration of complete assembly about l aeh of the three principal
(h)  Identification of system in which installed.
(i)  Critical speeds.
(j)  Maximum thrust loads.
(k)  The endurance test, high impact shock tests and non-destructive tests (if
performed) and NAVSEC or design review l gency letters l pproving these reports
or l xtension of any tests.
(i)  Overall dimensions of the complete unit including locating dimensions of
all fittings and connections, the space required for removal and replace-
ment of parts for maintenance, end mounting information.

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