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Page Title: Material identification
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MIL-P-17881D(SHIPS) Onboard repair parts list.  A list of onboard repair parts shall be
furnished with outline drawings. This List shall be prepared on Provisioning List forms in
accordance with MIL-P-15137 (see 6.2).  This list shall be furnished whether or not the
parts are required in the pump contract or order.  This list shall not be modified to
indicate parts or quantities of parts furnished under supplementary or separate contracts
or orders.  The list is intended as a record of recommendations of the manufacturer and
purchaser at the time of equipment drawing review.  The list of onboard repair parts
actually purchased shall be prepared as required by MIL-P-15137 (see 6.2).
Basic design drawings covering pumps under this
or submittal to NAVSEC prior to and independent of invitations
for bids and as such they are different from design drawings as described in Each
drawing may cover a range of sizes of pumps so long as they are of the same basic design.
A basic design drawing may indicate a variation in materials from that called for in 6.3,
and if approved by NAVSEC that variation in material shall take precedence. over the corre-
sponding material in 6.3.  All such material variations shall be specifically pointed out
in the transmittal letter. Contents of basic desi n drawin s.  These drawings shall consist of small
scale (not necessarily to scale) plan and elevation views showing over-all dimensions. If
the drawings cover a family of pump sizes all of the same design, the dimensions may be tab-
ulated. The range of capacities, pressure and speeds shall be shown. The main part of
this drawing shall be an undimensioned sectional assembly with complete list of material
which shall include every part required in the pump assembly,  If materials of some parts
may change with various pump characteristics or with differing fluids to be pumped, a
table shall be included to show these variations.  Alternate subassembly arrangements of
different parts may be included as desired. Detail drawings of individual parts are not required in connection with
basic design drawings, but may be included if desired by the manufacturer for clarification,
or to obtain advance approval of NAVSEC.
3.9.2 Material identification.  Preferred material reference.  Where materials of identical or equal quality
can be identified by more than one specification or standard, the drawings need reference
only one such specification or standard.  In selecting the specification or standard to be
referenced the following is the order of preference:
Federal specification or standard.
Military specification or standard.
Industry and Technical Society specification or standard.
Manufacturer's specification or standard. Material substitutions.  Where materials other than covered by (a), (b), and
(c) of are referenced and approved by the design review agency, the drawings shall
show the complete chemical and physical properties of the approved material.  In addition,
the drawings shall identify the material in terms of the nearest Federal or Military specifi-
cation, in order to enable Naval repair facilities to make emergency repairs as necessary
for Navy material stocks.
3.9.3 Drawing identification.  Prime vendors who purchase items from subcontractors
shall use the subcontractor's drawing number as the single reference identification in
all cases where the part(s) delineated thereon are produced by the subcontractor. The prime
vendor shall not add his drawing number to the drawing except au an unofficial reference
outside the drawing border or margin. Prime vendors who purchase semi-finished parts from subcontractors for final
production, test or selection phases in their own shops, have the option of using as the
single drawing identification either their own title block and drawing number or the title
block and drawing number of the subcontractor, but not both.
3.9.4 Drawings of drivers and associated equipment shall be in accordance with the
specifications covering those equipments.
3.10 Technical manuals.
3.10.1 Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order, technical manuals shall be
in accordance with type I of MIL-M-15071.  A separate manual shall be furnished for each
different pump unit l xcept in special cases when manuals covering more than one pump may be

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