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Page Title: Design performance curves
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approved.  Preliminary manuals shall be submitted to the design review activity
for review
(except where submittal for approval-is required (see 6.1.1)) and shall include
all proposed
sections complete,  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.1), manuals shall include
pump, driver,
controls and all appurtenances and all applicable drawings.  Performance curves
for final
manuals may be furnished as insert pages after delivery of hardware.
3.10.2 Manuals covering pumps driven by turbines or engines shall include drawings
and full operation and maintenance instructions covering the turbines, engines, governors
and any other applicable accessories.
3.10.3 Manuals covering pumps driven by conventional electric rotors with conventional
controllers need not include operation and maintenance instructions covering the motors and
controllers, except that complete motor bearing lubrication and replacement instructions
shall be included. They shall, however, include master drawings and certification data
covering the motors and controllers.  Complete operation and maintenance instructions cover-
ing electrical equipment shall be included when required (see 6.1).
3.10.4 Each manual shall include not less than the following illustrations covering
the pump and driver:
Sectional assembly drawing.
Outline drawing.
Complete list of material corresponding to the sectional assembly drawing.
Certification data.
A minimum of two photographs of the complete unit, pump and driver, taken
180 degrees apart on a horizontal plane.  Where several sizes of identical
design units l re being supplied, photographs of one design unit only need
be supplied.
3.10.5 The alignment procedure instructions in the manual shall describe in complete
datail the means by which the required alignment clearance at sleeve bearings and wearing
rings is to be established.  The manual shall prescribe the maximum permissible measured
eccentricities which can be tolerated in the aforementioned area with the pump in the as-
assembled condition.  Exceptions to any pert of the aforementioned requirements in any
specific area may be had only by providing for the design review agency approval a written
technical justification for the said l xception.  The manual shall specify the maximum
allowable clearances for wearing rings and sleeve bearings before replacement of the part(s).
In addition the manuals shall contain:
(a) Lubrication schedule including lubricant and procedure.
(b) Detailed mechanical seal installation instructions. The minimum allowable
leakage rate shall be specified.
(o) Threaded fastener torque values and sequence required to maintain proper
seal and alignment.
(d) In-field dynamic balancing instructions where provisions for balancing in
field are required to maintain noise and vibration characteristics.
3.10.6 The quantity and distribution of manuals shall be as specified (see 6.1).
3.11 Desi n data and calculations.  Design data and calculations when required (see 6.1).
shall be submitted approval of the design review agency for each pump type, design and
size. Submittal shall be not later than submittal of design drawings for review.  It is
intended that the design data and calculations shall be in sufficient detail to describe
the design, physical appearance and internal assembly to permit release for manufacture.
References listing the author, publication, volume or test for all assumptions made in the
calculations and for all formulas or methods of computation not readily identifiable shall
be cited.
3.11.1 Design performance curves. The following curves shall be provided:
" (a) Head versus flow.
(b) Hydraulic efficiency versus flow.
(c) Hat positive suction head required versus flow.
(d) Brake horsepower versus flow.
3.11.2 Design features.
A brief discussion of the following design features shall
be provided:
(a) Number of stages and reasons for selection.
(b) Method of shaft l caling.

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