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Page Title: Inclined operation test
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(d) Adequate lubrication to all bearings shall be maintained.
(e) Critical dimensions and running clearances shall be maintained.
(f) There shall be no significant change in the head-capacity tune. Post-shock test pr ocedure.  The shock test unit, if it is to be
supplied under a contract or order and if approved by the contracting activity
shall be restored to the as-new condition by replacement of all parts damaged or
distorted beyond the as-new design tolerances.  Rolling contact bearings shall be
replaced regardless of condition.  The shock tested rolling contact bearings
shall be destroyed.  The restored unit shall successfully pass the shop tests
specified in,, and if applicable.  The shop test
documentation shall indicate the unit was subjected to the shock test and
subsequently restored, shop tested and inspected. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), pump units shall be shock
tested with drivers.  Flexible coupled pumps shock tested with one driver will
not be required to be shock tested again when supplied with a different driver of
equal or less weight subject to approval of the design review agency.  Prime
movers are subject to shock tests in accordance with the applicable equipment
specifications .  Inclined operation test.  Vertical pumps shall be operated for not
less than 30 minutes inclined at an angle from the normal equal to the combina-
tion of the maximum permanent list and trim as specified (see 6.2).  Horizontal
pumps shall be tested in accordance with the inclined operation test specified
for the driving unit.  Operation in the inclined position shall be as close to
rated speed and capacity as practicable.  The pump shall meet all specified per-
formance requirements without damage while operating in the inclined position. Vibration test.  When specified (see 6.2), one pump of a quantity
of identical pumps being supplied shall successfully undergo a vibration test in
accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-167-1 and as specified (see 6.2).
The vibration test need not be repeated on subsequent contracts or orders for
pumps of identical design to those previously tested, provided the previous tests
included the frequencies specified (see 6.2). The unit shall be mounted on typical shipboard foundations during
the vibration test or the shipboard mounting arrangement shall be simulated in
spring-mass characteristics except where this mounting arrangement causes the
largest test table capacity to be exceeded.  Inability to vibration test the unit
because of excessive weight or size shall not release the contractor from
furnishing equipment which can withstand the specified vibration inputs.
Vibration test acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-167-1.
Inspection of packaging.
Sample packages and packs, and the inspection
of the packaging, packing and marking for shipment and storage shall be in
accordance with the requirements of section 5 and the documents specified

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