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Page Title: Table I -Pump characteristics.
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3.5 Pump characteristics.- The general range of pump characteristics shall be in accordance with
table I. Characteristics of pumps to be procured shall be as specified (see 6.1).
Table I -Pump characteristics.
to centerline of pump rotors.
do not necessarily correspond with the viscosity range, but indicate temperature pumps may
be expected to encounter in service.
3.5.1 Attached pumps (see 3.6.16) will operate in parallel with motor or turbine driven lubricating oil
service pumps during low speed ahead operation of the ship.
3.5.2 Attached pumps shall be capable of reverse rotation during astern operation of the ship. Recir-
culating lines for use during astern operation will be provided by the Government or shipbuilder.
3.6 Detail design. -
3.6.1 Shockproofness. - The design of all complete pump units, except commercial marine pumps, shall be such that they
are capable of passing the type A, High Impact (H. I.) shock test specified in MIL-S-901. Grade A, class III
equipment in accordance with MIL-S-901 is required. NAVSHIPS 250-660-30 may be used as a guide for de-
sign of shock resistant Naval equipment. Shockmounts are not to be used unless the bureau or agency concerned approves the mount and
its proposed application. Bolts designed to be stressed in shear shall be installed in holes with a minimum of clearance.
Hole diameters shall be no more than 1/32 inch larger than the bolts up to 3/4 inch size, and no more than
1/16 inch larger than bolts of greater than 3/4 inch size. Mounting twits for fastening the equipment shall
conform to grade 2 of MIL-B-857.
3.6.2 Noise and vibration. - The design, construction, and workmanship, of the equipment shall be such
that a minimum practical noise level will result under all operating conditions. Airborne noise, structure-
borne vibration and pump discharge pulsation requirements shall be as specified (see 6.1). When specified (see 6.1) the manufacturer shall provide means for supporting the pump on Navy
furnished sound isolation mounts designed to Drawing 5000 -S1112-1385778. The support mounting shall be on
a plane through the approximate center of gravity of the complete equipment. Such support mounting shall be
integral with the subbase or other supporting structures. This arrangement shall be clearly delineated on the
3.6.3 Alignment between separate components of a unit shall be maintained by means of keyways, dowel
pins, fitted bolts, or other adequate means.
3.6.4 In no case shall a piece of equipment be rigidly supported from more than one plane.
3.6.5 All pumps shall be self -priming and capable of removing air from the suction lines. The pumps may
at times be required to handle oils lighter than those specified, such as lubricating oil heated to
Hence, where the lubrication of the pump is supplied by the fluid pumped,
for flushing lubrication systems.

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