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Page Title: Thrust bearings
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the bearings, rotors, and gears shall be of such design and materials that the pumps will operate in a manner
satisfactory to the bureau or agency concerned when pumping such fluids for limited periods,
3.6.6 Mounting. - Pump units shall be horizontally or vertically mounted, as specified (see 6.1). Each horizontal pump and motor or turbine drive shall be mounted on a common bedplate.
3,6.6.3 Each vertical unit shall be base mounted or table mounted, as specified (see 6.1), For the base mounted units, the base may be either integral with the pump casing or a separate
piece, and the base shall have provision for bolting to- a foundation, For the table mounted units, the table mount may be either integral with the pump casing or
bracket, or it may be a separate piece. A suitable bracket shall be provided between the pump and driver of vertical units. Bedplates, bases, table mounts and brackets shall be designed so that they shall be sufficiently
rigid to permit handling, shipment and installation of the unit onboard ship, without disturbing the alignment
of the assembled units, and such that the normal distortion, weaving or vibration of the supporting structures
onboard ship cannot cause misalignment between the pumps and driving units. Each component part of an assembled unit supported directly by the bedplate, base, table mount,
or bracket, shall be doweled or rabbetted thereto to facilitate reassembly and maintenance of alignment. All bearing and seating surfaces of bedplates, bases, table mounts, or brackets shall be finished
machined to a maximum roughness height rating of 125 in accordance with MIL-STD-10. Class CO-1 pumps
may be exempt from this requirement if not normally finished machined. In the event special bulkhead mounting is required, sideplates shall be furnished subject to all
he conditions specified for baseplates. Horizontal pumps shall be designed so that all bearings, rotors, and shafts may be removed and
replaced without disconnecting piping, except stuffing box gland seal piping, and without removing the pump or
its driving unit from the bedplate or base. Each vertical unit, in order to facilitate interchangeability, shall be mounted to permit rotation
of the pump with respect to its driver. Eight or more positions of pump flanges relative to the driver shall be
3.6.7 Bearings. - Types. - Radial and thrust bearings may be of the sliding surface or rolling contact types. Rolling contact bearings shall be in accordance with FF-B-171, FF-B-185 and FF-B-187, except
where prior approval of the bureau or agency concerned has been granted. Rolling contact bearings for submarine applications shall be specially selected for quiet opera-
tion in accordance with MIL-B - 17931. Sleeve radial bearings may be of the fixed or self aligning type as approved for design and ap-
plication by the bureau or agency concerned. Ample bearing surface shall be provided for each sleeve bearing. Thrust bearings. - Pumps shall be designed to counteract any unbalanced hydraulic or mechanical
thrust under normal service condition. In this connection consideration shall be given to the fact that the nor-
mal motion of a ship at sea, or an abnormal list or trim giving an inclined operating platform, may introduce
mechanical thrust in a unit which might otherwise be in satisfactory balance.

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