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Page Title: Identification plates and information plates
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MIL-P-18547A(SHIPS) Silver brazed joints shall be in accordance with NAVSHIPS 250-637-2. Preinserted ring fittings
shall be used for joints 1/2 inch and larger. Face feed fittings may be used for sizes below 1/2 inch.
3.6.20 Painting. - Ferrous castings and weldments shall be cleaned by a sulfuric acid pickling process
and shot blasting(not sandblasting) to remove all scale, rust and loose weld beads. After machining, ferrous
castings and weldments shall be treated by a manganese phosphate rust inhibiting process (Parkerizing or
equal). After assembly, all surfaces to be painted shall be thoroughly cleaned and free from oil and grease.
All external nonworking ferrous and aluminum surfaces shall be painted with two coats of light gray epoxy
hydraulic fluid resistant paint conforming to MIL-P-22808. Paint shall not be applied to any internal surface.
When desired for convenience or appearance, contiguous non-ferrous surfaces may also be painted.
3.7 Identification plates and information plates. -
3.7.1 Identification plates and information plates shall be furnished on each pump. These plates shall be
type A or B in accordance with MIL-P - 15024, except that identification plates of aluminum or plastic shall not
be used.
3.7.2 Identification plates and information plates shall be firmly secured to the equipment with corrosion
resistant metallic screws.
3.7.3 Pump identification plates shall contain data as follows:
(a) Manufacturer's name.
(b) Manufacturer's model or type and size.
(c) Service application.
(d) Manufacturer's serial number.
(e) Salient design characteristics:
(1) Capacity in gallons per minute (g.p.m.).
(2) Discharge pressure.
(3) Suction lift.
(4) Speed of shaft in revolutions per minute (r.p.m.).
(5) Brake horsepower, under rated conditions.
(6) Hydrostatic test pressure.
(7) Viscosity range (operating).
(f) Contract or order number and item number for multiple unit orders.
(g) Federal stock number.
(h) Section for inspector's stamp. Required data not normally on the manufacturer's commercial plates may be put on a supplemen-
tary plate for class CO-1 pumps.
3.7.4 Each driving unit and each accessory unit shall have an identification plate in accordance with the
applicable equipment specification.
3.8 Drawings. - All drawings and lists shall conform to MI L-D-963, with exceptions and additional re-
quirements contained herein.
3.8.1 Drawings of the following classes shall be furnished as required by the contract or order:
Class A - Master drawings.
Class B - Certification data, outline drawings, drawing lists.
Class C - Basic design drawings.
Class D - Ship equipment drawings.
3.8.2 Class A and Class D drawings. - Class A and class D drawings shall be so complete as to permit:
(a) Evaluation of performance and quality of the equipment against requirements of this specification.
(b) Evaluation of operational and personnel safety.
(c) Procurement of parts by the supply system.
(d) Installation, operation, maintenance and repair, without manufacturer's assistance.

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