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MIL-P-18682D(SH) Installation. Ball or roller bearings, when used, shall be installed in
housings separate from and independent of the stuffing boxes and with adequate
protection from gland leakage.  In vertical pumps, rolling contact bearings,
where used, shall be installed external to the pump between the coupling and
gland seal.  Means shall be provided to prevent escape of lubricant around the
shaft. All baffles, wipers, and related parts shall be readily renewable. Bearing brackets shall be either cast integral with the casing,
securely bolted to the casing on a machined shoulder, or held in alinement with
the casing by at least two heavy dowels and securely bolted thereto.  The use
of bolts alone for securing brackets is prohibited. Bearing housings shall be cast integral with the bracket or se-
cured thereto in such a manner as to insure alinement.  Bearing housing to brack-
et seats shall be machined such that precision of bearing alinement is insured. On axially-split-casing pumps, the shells for hydrodynamic and
hydrostatic bearings shall be split along the axis and so arranged as to permit
renewal or refitting without removal of the pump rotor from the casing.  They
shall be neatly fitted in their seating to prevent axial play.
3.2.8 Lubrication. The lubrication of rolling contact bearing shall be in accordance
with FF-B-171, FF-B-185, or FF-B-187, as applicable. Rolling contact bearing lubrication method shall prevent bearing
failure resulting from over-greasing.  Bearing relubrication procedures shall be
accomplished with the unit secured. Rolling contact bearings having a DN value in excess of 200,000
shall be oil lubricated unless the contractor can demonstrate to the satisfaction
of the design review agency that the specific grease lubrication bearing applica-
tion has been proven in previous Navy shipboard service.  Grease lubrication is
preferred where DN is less than 200,000.
D = Diameter of bearing bore in millimeters,
N = Revolutions per minute (r/rein). Where forced feed lubrication is provided for turbine-driven pumps,
the lubricating system shall be in accordance with requirements of the applicable
turbine specification (see 3.2.13). Grease lubricants shall be in accordance with DOD-G-24508. Oil
lubricants shall be in accordance with MIL-L-17331, military symbol 2190-TEP.
The design shall be such that any qualified grease under DOD-G-24508 or oil under
MIL-L-17331, military symbol 2190-TEP, can be used interchangeably with any other
qualified product to the same specification.  Bearings shall be capable of being
relubricated without removing the bearings, and shall not require frequent lubri-
cation if the pump is not operated over an extended period of time.  Bearing
relubrication procedures shall be accomplished with the unit secured.

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