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Page Title: Packing and gaskets
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MIL-P-18682D(SH) Thrust bearing housings shall be so designed that the thrust bear-
ing will be adequately lubricated immediately when the shaft starts to turn.
This shall be accomplished by properly locating lubricant supply and drain
fittings, and by adequate sealing of the bearing housings so that, regardless
of the length of time the units are idle, an adequate supply of lubricant will
remain in the bearing housings.
3.2.9 Packing and gaskets.  Packing and gaskets shall be in accordance with
Drawing B-153.  Packing shall be of the polytetrafluoroethylene impregnated type
in accordance with MIL-P-24377.  Gasket compression and tolerances shall not
affect bearing bushing or wearing ring fits to an extent that will adversely
affect reliability and performance.  Spiral wound gaskets shall be used only
where use of a sheet gasket or O-ring is impracticable.  Internal spiral wound
gaskets shall be completely enclosed to prevent the gasket from unwinding and
entering the fluid system.
3.2.10 Threaded fasteners.  Threaded parts, such as bolts, studs, and nuts,
shall conform to FED-STD-H28, FED-STD-H28/2, and MIL-S-1222. The use of tap-
bolts or cap-screws is prohibited unless explicitly discussed and justified in
a submittal to the design review agency and approved by the design review agency
and where the use of through bolts or studs is impractical.  The setting end of
the studs shall be a class 3 fit with anaerobic locking compounds in accordance
with MIL-S-22473, type AV.  The nut end shall be a class 3 fit.  The recommenda-
tions of the anaerobic locking compound manufacturer regarding the use of a
primer shall be adhered to (see  Studs installed using locking
anaerobic compound shall be inspected with a procedure proposed by the pump
manufacturer and approved by the design review agency.  The inspection method
shall be shown on the pump drawing. The length of minimum stud engagement shall be computed as
specified in FED-STD-H28. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2.1), threaded fasteners of
normally stocked lengths shall be used.  Male threads on threaded fasteners,
after being installed and tightened, shall protrude at least one thread beyond
the top of the nut or plastic locking element.  Excessive protrusion shall be
avoided, particularly where necessary clearances, accessibility, and safety
are important.  Where practical, the number of threads protruding shall not
exceed five; however, in no case shall thread protrusion exceed ten threads.
Washers shall not be used for the sole purpose of lessening thread protrusion.
3.2.11 Piping root connections.  Root connections for attaching pipes
shall be in accordance with Drawing B-214.
3.2.12 Welding and brazing.  Welding shall be in accordance with
MIL-STD-278.  The use of silver brazed joints is prohibited for any joint which
could be heated by future weld repair of the casing.  Where silver joints are
not prohibited, such joints shall be in accordance with NAVSEA 0900-LP-001-7000,
The use of silver-brazed joints is prohibited in the fluid boundary for sea water
pumps for submarine applications.

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