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Page Title: Recovered materials
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Cyclone separator parts exposed to water velocities greater than 15 feet per
second shall be made of nickel-copper alloy.  Other cyclone separator parts
shall be 70-30 copper-nickel except:  (a) parts such as fittings, not
readily available in 70-30 copper-nickel, may be made of nickel-copper alloy
and (b) parts that would be unacceptably galvanically attacked if made of
70-30 copper-nickel shall be made of nickel-copper alloy. Recovered materials.  Unless otherwise specified herein, all
equipment,  materials, and articles incorporated in the products covered by this
specification shall be new and shall be fabricated using materials produced from
recovered materials to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the
intended use.  The term "recovered materials" means materials which have been
collected or recovered from solid waste and reprocessed to become a source of
raw materials, as opposed to virgin raw materials.  None of the above shall be
interpreted to mean that the use of used or rebuilt products is allowed under
this specification unless otherwise specifically specified.
3.4 Tools.  Tools which are available in the Federal Supply Catalog, such
as common wrenches and standard pullers and extractors, will not be required.
Standard complete or limited sets of pullers or extractors or parts of puller
sets in accordance with GGG-P-781 or GGG-E-950 shall be identified as to type
and use in notes on the outline or sectional assembly drawings.  Special tools
shall be detailed and included in the list of material.  Special tools required
for the maintenance and repair of the pump units shall be furnished.  The number
of sets of special tools of the pump units shall be as specified (see 6.2,1).
Special wrenches shall be of forged steel with hardened jaws.  Special tools are
defined as those tools not listed in the Federal Supply Catalog (copies of the
catalog may be consulted in the office of the DCASMA).
3.5 Technical data.  The contractor shall prepare the following technical
data in accordance with the data ordering documents included in the contract or
order (see 6.2.2) and as specified in 3.6 through 3.10.2.
3.6 Drawings.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2.1), the contractor shall
prepare drawings in accordance with the data ordering document included in the
contract or order (see 6.2.2) and the unique features specified in 3.6.1 through
3.6.4 shall be included.
3.6.1 Drawing content. General requirements.  "Manufacturer's Use Only" notes.  Information intended for manu-
facturer's use only shall be so designated.  Conversely, on a commercial drawing
with wide usage it is permissible to designate portions thereon, "For Navy use
only." Dimensional tolerance.  Unless otherwise indicated by note,
legend, or key all tolerances shown on a drawing shall be complied with during
both manufacture and maintenance repair. Design drawings.  Design drawings shall consist of the drawings
described in through

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