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Page Title: Impeller machining and inspection drawing
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MIL-P-18682D(SH) Sectional assembly drawings.  Sectional assembly drawings shall
include a sectional assembly with references to the list of material for identi-
fication of individual parts.  All running clearances shall be shown and shall
be dimensioned and labled as diametral clearances.  (Diametral clearance equals
the difference between the diameters of mating parts.)  This may necessitate some
side or partial view in order to show parts not otherwise shown in the main
section view.  Tightening torques with tolerances and thread lubrication require-
ments for threaded fasteners shall be shown on the assembly drawing. List of material.  The list of material shall include every
part required in the pump assembly, including those parts not required to be
detailed.  The list of material shall include an indication of each part required
by this specification to be furnished as an on board repair part (this is not
a repair parts list).  The list of material shall include the manufacturer
drawing number and service part number for all parts for which detail drawings
are required (see as well as quantity required, material type, and
material specification for all parts.  Parts shall be named to indicate the
function they serve.  Parts for which detail drawings are not required shall be
identified as to dimensions.  The list of material may be shown on the sectional
assembly drawing. Detail drawings.  Detail drawings shall be furnished of all parts
and sub-assemblies necessary for evaluation of the equipment, and of all parts
necessary for maintenance, and overhaul of the pumps.  Details of these parts
shall be-so complete as to permit emergency manufacture by a Naval shipyard with-
out assistance from the original manufacturer.  Details of pump casing shall be
furnished, but the dimensioned development of cored hydraulic passages need not
be shown.  However, for all cast parts that carry substantial loads under shock,
the detail drawings shall specify minimum cross-sectional areas (whichever is
more appropriate),  Sub-assemblies whose parts cannot be acquired or serviced
individually, shall be shown as a single part and so indicated.  Multi-detail
drawings are preferred, but monodetail drawings may be used.
3.6.1 .2.3.1 Impeller machining and inspection drawing. Detail drawings
shall explicitly require that each impeller, including spare and replacement
impellers, be dynamically balanced to less than the maximum ounce-inch residual
imbalance allowed by MIL-STD-167-1 (type II) for the impeller's weight and
rotational speed.  For submarine pumps, the impeller detail drawing shall: (a)
show the dimensions and shape of the discharge vane tip, including any under-
filling or over-filling details, (b) specify sufficient dimensions and tolerance,
to be recommended and justified by the manufacturer, to prevent significant
impeller-to-impeller variation in required net positive suction head due to
manufacturing variations including casting variations.  Significant variation
is defined as that which would be large enough to cause a spare or replacement
impeller to not pass the net positive suction head test of 4.6.3(b) if such
impeller were to be tested and (c) explicitly require that each impeller,
including spare and replacement impellers, be inspected and comply with the
above dimensions and tolerances. Drawings showing the application of studs requiring the use of
a locking resin shall have a notation requiring:  (a) manufacturer's recommenda-
tion regarding the use of primer, (b) manufacturer's recommended primer, and (c)
the minimum and maximum waiting times associated with the use of the primer and
resin.  The notation shall require strict adherence to these requirements.

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