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Page Title: Design record
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(3) The average flow velocity in the casing shall be
calculated in feet per second at rated flow.  This
velocity shall be shown for the narrowest and widest
sections of the casing.
Calculations demonstrating that the gland leak-off collection
and drainage features meet the flow capacity requirement of
For surface ship main sea water pumps, casing stress analysis
shall be performed and supplied demonstrating compliance with
Calculations demonstrating that assemblies that use springs,
such as some mechanical seals and labyrinth seals, shall
function as intended given the tolerances on the spring and
the tolerances of the parts that restrain the two ends of the
spring.  As a minimum, a tolerance stackup analysis shall be
provided calculating the minimum and maximum valves for working
length and the minimum and maximum spring force (see
at those lengths.  The basis for believing the assembly will
perform properly with those spring forces shall be stated.
Calculations demonstrating that the shaft pressure break device
meets the maximum flow requirements of for worst case
tolerances.  Also, a curve shall be provided, calculated in the
same manner, showing how the flow rate increases as the critical
clearances increase.  This curve shall extend out to a flow rate
of 100 gal/rein and shall be for Navy use during shop life.
3.9 Design record.  A design record shall be submitted to the design review
agency concerned in accordance with the data ordering document included in the
contract or order (see 6.2.2).  This record shall be completed except as noted in
3.9.2, and forwarded prior to unit delivery or at a time agreed to by the design
review agency.
3.9.1 The design record shall contain the following:
(a) The design and calculations which were submitted for manufac-
turing release, except as modified to resolve comments at time
of manufacturing release.
(b) Revised calculations in those areas of design where the original
calculations must be modified as a result of an approved design
(c) Approved design evaluation test reports, including resolution
of comments, the approval action and any special testing which
may be performed to verify new design features,
3.9.2 Changes in pump design approved subsequent to issue of the design
record when required, or approved deviations in the design evaluation test unit
from the design described in the design record, shall be submitted as as adden-
dum to the design record.  The addendum shall include applicable revised drawings.

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