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Page Title: Painting
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3.7.2 Identification plates shall be secured to equipment with corrosion-resistant metallic screws.
3.7.3 Pump identification plates shall contain the following data:
Manufacturer's name.
Manufacturer's model or type and size.
Service application (trim and drain).
Manufacturer's serial number.
Salient design characteristics:
(1) Capacity range in gallons per minute.
(2) Total head range in feet.
(3) Speed range of shaft in r.p.m.
(4) Maximum brake horsepower.
(5) Test pressure.
(f) Contract order number (and item number for multiple unit orders).
(g) Bureau of Ships stock number.
(h) Section for inspector's stamp.
3.7.4 Each driving unit and each accessory unit shall have an identification plate in accordance with
the applicable equipment specification.
3.8 Painting. -  All external unmachined surfaces of ungalvanized ferrous metal parts shall be
thoroughly cleaned and coated with one coat of pretreatment, Specification MIL-C-15328, and one coat
of zinc chromate primer, Specification JAN-P-735, or one coat of red lead primer, Specifica-
tion MIL-P-17545, followed by a finish coat of light gray equipment enamel, Specifica-
tion MIL-E-15090.  Painting of external surfaces of nonferrous parts of pumps will not be required.
3.9 Drawings -
3.9.1 Drawings shall be in accordance with type I of Specification MIL-D-963.
3.9.2 Outline drawings shall be furnished covering complete pump units including pump, driver,
and attached accessories.  Separate outline drawings shall be furnished for each contract or order and
for each different pump unit on a contract or order. Outline drawings shall show the radius of gyration and center of gravity of the pump and
motor unit. Performance curves on preliminary outline drawings as originally submitted for approval
may be calculated curves and shall be so indicated.  The complete performance curves on the validated
outline drawings shall be based on the performance acceptance tests and shall be so indicated. Pump master drawings shall include sectional assembly, complete list of material and
details of all parts.  The sectional assembly and list of material with references to detail drawings
should be on a single sheet; and details shall be on one or more additional sheets. Several details
should be shown on each pump master drawing.  Details of single pump parts on size A sheets, resulting
in a multiplicity of drawing sheets, should be avoided. Subassemblies furnished as repair parts in lieu of or in addition to individual repair parts
shall be recorded on the related outline drawings by reference notes or as additional items on the
"Lint of Material" of the sectional assembly drawing. Drawings for drivers and associated equipment shall be in accordance with the specifica-
tions for those equipments.

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