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Page Title: Heat exchanger assembly weight
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MIL-P-27431B(USAF) Heat exchanger assembly weight.  The complete heat exchanger assembly,
including power cable, 6 Inch hose, and MIL-V-38201 valve shall not exceed 15 pounds.
3.7.2 Hose assembly.  A flexible metal hose assembly, approximately 6 inches in
length, shall be provided.  The hose assembly shall be designed for connection from
the outlet of the heat exchanger assembly to the inlet of the filler valve. Hose assembly components.  The hose assembly shall consist of the
following components assembled by silver brazing:
Corrugated hose.  The flexible pressure carrying hose shall be helically or
annularly corrugated from corrosion resistant seamless, or welded and redrawn
steel tubing.
Braided outer covering. The corrugated hose shall be reinforced with one or
more layers of corrosion resistant steel wire braid.
End fittings.  Each end of the hose assembly shall incorporate an MS28760-5
stainless steel adapter, as applicable, to the swivel nut and nipple, except
that the nipple hex shall be optional. Working pressures.  The hose assembly shall be designed to withstand the
working pressures specified herein without leakage or defamation. Supporting capability. The hose assembly shall be capable of supporting
a 15 pound weight without deformation or collapse and without any sign of cracking or
splitting of any seam or junction when mounted as shown on figure 5, position 2.
3.7.3 Filler valve.  The purging  kit shall incorporate a female half filler
valve for connection to the male half filler valve at the aircraft liquid oxygen
inlet.  The female half filler valve shall be similar to the valve conforming to
MIL-V-38201 except that component parts may be modified to reduce the overall length,
excluding inlet connection, to not less than 4 inches.  Parts shall be modified and
pressure seals added as necessary to insure that the poppet in the aircraft half of
the filler valve is positively held in the open position and no more than 0.02 liter
per minute standard gas leakage occurs when the two halves are connected and
subjected to the operating pressures specified herein.  The filler valve inlet
connection shall conform to MS33656-5.
3.7.4 Carrying case.  A carrying case shall be provided to store and transport
an accessory kit and the heat exchanger assembly, hose assembly of up to 18 inches in
length, and filler valve.  The case need be designed for only an installed hose
length of 6 inches.  Longer hoses will be stored unassembled.  A hinged lid, handle,
and lid hasps shall be provided to hold the other kit components firmly in position
when subjected to a blow on the corner of the carrying case equivalent to dropping
the complete kit from a height of 5 feet onto a concrete surface.  The clips or
fasteners shall be such that the components are easily removable without the use of
handtools.  The carrying case shall be so constructed that the contents are protected
and receive no damage from the 5 foot drop.
3.7.5 Weight.  The weight of the purging kit shall not exceed 25 pounds. The
purging kit is to consist of the heat exchanger assembly, 6 inch hose, MIL-V-38201
valve, carrying case, all padding, and retainers.

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