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Page Title: Antiseize and sealing procedures
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3.7.6 Caps and plugs.  The heat exchanger assembly shall be provided with caps
or plugs.  All caps and plugs shall be permanently attached to the particular
component by means of a beaded chain.
3.7.7 Antiseize and sealing procedures.  Threaded pipe connections shall be
sealed by an application of antiseize, tape per MIL-T-27730. The tape shall be
applied to the male pipe threads prior to assembly.  The tape shall not be wound on
the first two pipe threads nor the mating female threads.
3.8 Part numbering of interchangeable parts.  All parts having the same
manufacturer's part number shall be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable.
The drawing number requirements of DOD-D-1000 shall govern changes in the
manufacturer's part number,
3.9 Finishes and protective coatings.  All exposed q etal parts and surfaces
shall be cleaned, treated, and finished as specified in MIL-STD-808.  When more than
one finish process is permitted by MIL-STD-808 for a part or surface, the most
applicable finish process shall be determined by the contractor unless otherwise
specified herein.  Final film color designation DG shall apply.
3.10 Operating instructions plate.  An operating instruction plate shall be
permanently attached to the underside of the carrying case lid.  The plate shall bear
the information, sketch, and instructions required to safely and efficiently operate
the purge unit.  The instruction plate shall be of anodized aluminum with the
information photographically reproduced and embedded in the anodic coating.  The
lettering shall be white on a black background.  Purge procedures shall not be given
but, simply unit operating instructions.
3.11 Identification of product. Equipment, assemblies, and parts shall be
marked for identification in accordance with MIL-STD-130.  The nameplate shall be
located on the outside of the carrying case lid and shall be anodized aluminum with
the information photographically reproduced and embedded in the anodic coating.  The
lettering shall be white on a black background.
3.12 Workmanship.  The purging unit, including all components, shall be
fabricated and finished in a thoroughly workmanlike manner.  Particular attention
shall be given to freedom from blemishes, defects, burrs and sharp edges; accuracy of
dimensions, radii of fillets, and marking legibility; thoroughness of welding,
brazing, soldering, painting, and riveting; alignment of parts and tightness of
assembly screws, bolts and cleaning.
3.13 Cleaning.  All surfaces intended to contact the flowing oxygen gas shall be
thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, grease, soldering, brazing, or welding flux or any
other foreign material that could present a safety hazard on exposure to oxygen at
temperatures up to 300F and pressures up to 500 psig.  Cleaning as appropriate,
shall be accomplished before, during, and after assembly.  The cleaning method or
methods shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer, but shall be in accordance
with highest commercial standards for oxygen equipment.
4.1 Responsibility for inspection.  The supplier is responsible for the
performance of all inspection requirements specified herein.  Except as otherwise

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