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Page Title: Preservation and packaging
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4.6.10 Noncompliance.  If a sample fails to pass group C or D inspection, the
manufacturer shall notify the qualifying ac
vity and the cognizant inspection
activity of such failure and take corrective action on the materials or processes, or
both, as warranted, and on all units of product which can be corrected and which were
manufactured with essentially the same materials and processes, and which are
considered subject to the same failure.  Acceptance and shipment of the product shall
be discontinued until corrective action, acceptable to the qualifying activity has
been taken.  After the corrective action has been taken, group C or D inspection
shall be repeated on additional sample units (all tests and examinations, or the test
which the original sample failed, at the option of the qualifying activity).  Groups
A and B inspection may be reinstituted; however, final acceptance and shipment shall
be withheld until the group C or D inspection has shown that the corrective action
was successful.  In the event of failure after reinspection, information concerning
the failure shall be furnished to the cognizant inspection activity and the
qualifying activity.
4.7  Inspection of the preservation, packaging, packin g, and marking for shipment
and storage.  Sample items or packs and the inspection of the preservation,
packaging, packing, and marking or shipment and storage shall be in accordance with
the requirements of section 5, or the documents specified therein.
5.1 Preservation and packaging.
Preservation and packaging shall be level A or
C as specified.
5.1.1 Level A.  Unless otherwise specified, each purging kit shall be preserved
in accordance with Method IA-14 of Specification MIL-P-116. Cleaning.  The purging kit component parts that come in contact with
high purity oxygen shall be cleaned for oxygen service in accordance with industry
practice according to applicable cleaning processes of MIL-P-116.  Petroleum and
other flammable solvents shall not be used.
The components shall be thoroughly dried with filtered oil free Drying.
air or nitrogen.  Component parts of the purging kit that do not contact high purity
oxygen shall be cleaned and dried in accordance with the applicable processes and
procedures of MIL-P-116.
Not applicable. Preservation application. Unit packaging. Unless otherwise specified by the contracting activity,
each purging kit shall be packaged method 1A-14.  The carrying case will be utilized
as the inner container.  Prior to inserting the encased purging kit into the bag all
sharp or other irregular shaped surfaces shall be cushioned as required to prevent
rupture of the bag.  The outer container shall conform to PPP-636.
5.1.2 Level C.  Component parts of the purging kit which contact high purity
oxygen shall be cleaned and dried in the same manner as specified for level A.
Component parts that do not contact highpurity oxygen shall be preserved and packaged
in accordance with the contractor's commercial practice.
Packing shall be level A, B, C, or Industrial as specified.
5.2 Packing.

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