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Page Title: Test methods and procedures
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controlled as to insure that the test equipment will reliably indicate
acceptability of a product which does not exceed 90% of the prescribed
tolerance limit, and permit positive rejection when non-conforming.
Construction shall be such as to facilitate routine calibration of test
4.7 Test methods and procedures.
4.7.1 Environmental. Shock.- A shock testing machine, capable of producing the mag-
nitude and duration of shock specified in 3.4.2, shall be used.  The peak
amplitude of each shock shall be 150 G's, the time duration between 01.7 and
2.0 milliseconds.  Subsequent to the 6 Impulses, the periscope shall show
no evidence of physical damage and shall then meet the test in Storage temperature.- The testing equipment utilized in this
test shall be in accordance with the "Test Facilities" requirements of
MIL-F-13926 and the conditions of 3.4.3.  The periscope shall be installed
in the chamber and the internal chamber temperature lowered at a rate not
to exceed 40 F/Hr until the internal chamber temperature is stabilized at
-65F.  This temperature shall be maintained for at least 6 hours. At the
end of this period, the temperature shall be raised at a rate not to exceed
40 F/Hr until the internal chamber temperature is stabilized at +160F. Sub-
sequently the periscope shall show no evidence of physical failure and shall
be tested for conformance with 3.4.4 and 3.5.1 through 3.5.4, inclusive. Sunshine.- This test is to be conducted on the First Article
sample only. Upon completion of all other acceptance tests listed in this
specification, the periscope shall be subjected to Procedure 1, Method 505
"Sunshine" of MIL-STD-810 for a period of 10 days.  The periscope shall
show no evidence of physical failure and shall meet the requirements of
3.4.4 and 3.5.1 through 3.5.4 Inclusive except that the required values of
optical performance shall be as specified in through inclu-
4.7.2 Performance. General.- The test to determine compliance with the resolution
spherical power, and astigmatism requirements of Section 3 (para 3.5.1,
3.5.2 and 3.5.3, respectively) shall be performed utilizing a holding medium
to support the periscope during the test, a dioptometer with a magnification
of at least three power (3X) and a resolving power wall chart.  The resolving
power chart shall represent the angular subtense for the seconds of arc speci-
fied in 3.5.1, and shall contain four line sets as shown in Figure 1 of MIL-
0-13830.  The dioptometer's eyepiece shall be focused to its reticle to
accommodate the individual inspectors eye.  Using the dioptometer, the target
shall be resolved in each of the four meridans and the diopter reading for
each meridan shall be recorded.  This operation shall be repeated in nine
regions of the clear aperature, three approximately 1 1/2 inch from each
end and three in the center. Resolution.- The total spread of the four readings obtained
in each of the nine areas, as outlined in, cannot exceed 0.25 diopter

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