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Page Title: Cleanliness
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in adjust and reticle brightness control - Passive.- This
requirement shall be met at standard ambient temperature and the tempera-
ture conditions specified in 3.4.2.  Knobs MS 91528-0E1B shall be manually
operable through the full limits of the rheostat.
3.6 Vibration.- This requirement shall be met with the image inten-
sifier tube and reticle projector lamp energized by the application of
+24 6.O VDC to Contact 11733497 (Reference Drawing F11733401). The
periscope shall be vibrated in a vertical plane at a constant frequency
of 30 cycles per second (cps) with an amplitude of 1/6 inch (1/8 inch
total excursion) for a period of 5 minutes plus or minus 15 seconds.
There shall be no failure or flicker of light emission from the image
intensifier tube nor the reticle projector lamp during vibration and the
periscope shall show no evidence of physical failure subsequent to vibra-
t ion.  Following the vibration test the periscope shall meet the require-
ments of,,, 3.8.9, 3.8.2,, 3.8.5.
3.8.6, 3.8.7, 3.8.8, 3.2, 3.1, 3.7 and then each module (see 3.1) shall
meet their own respective post-vibration test requirements.
3.7 Cleanliness.- With the periscope disassembled, the three modular
units shall meet the following requirements.
a. Defects.- There shall be no evidence of moisture, grease,
finger prints, condensates, fractures, and adhesive separations on any
glass component when viewing through either end of each module (including
the unity power system).
b. Dirt.
(1) Body assembly (daylight).- When viewed through the eye-
piece, there shall be no more than three dirt particles appearing within
a 50 mil diameter central field of view.  There shall be no more than
three dirt particles appearing outside the specified field of view.  The
angular separation between dirt particles shall be at least 15 mils.
Dirt particles smaller than 1/4 reticle line width shall be ignored re-
gardless of distribution.  The size of any particle shall not exceed the
apparent width of the reticle line.
When viewing through the
eyepiece with the image intensifier tube energized, there shall be no
more than five particles visible on the screen surface.  The size of any
particle shall not exceed the apparent width of the reticle line.
(3) Head assembly.- There shall be no more than three par-
titles of dirt or foreign material (classed as dirt) on any glass component.
The size of any dirt particle shall not exceed 0.05 inch.
3.8 Performance.
3.8.1 Orientation.-

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