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Page Title: Reticle brightness
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of the telescope, view through the passive eyepiece aid establish the tele-
scope reticle crosslines coincident to the pro-jetted target image crosslines.
Observe the target image for a time period of not less than one minute.
During this one minute time period there shall be no visible flicker, no
movement of the image nor audible sparking as specified in Image
movement shall be determined by means of the target image with respect to
the observation telescope reticle pattern.  Sparking shall be determined
by means of an audio examination.  Upon completion of this test, energize
the reticle projector lamp. Reticle brightness.- Perform this test concurrent with the
test in  With each voltage specified in applied to Con-
tact 11733497 (Reference Drawing F11733401) and the image intensifier tube
energized, rotate the reticle brightness control knob MS 91528-OE1B to the
off position.  Then while viewing through the elbow assembly eyepiece, ro-
tate the control knob clockwise throughout its range of movement. During
this clockwise rotation of the control knob, the reticle brightness shall
be adjustable from off to full bright and the reticle markings shall appear
clearly defined at each voltage setting when observed through the elbow
assembly eyepiece to determine compliance with On-off switch.- This test may be performed at the same time
the test of is performed.  With the voltage specified in
applied to Contact 11733497, view through the elbow assembly eyepiece and
observe the illuminated screen surface of the tube.  Then while the on-off
switch is in the on position, remove the voltage from the contact and re-
apply. During the above observation, the screen surface of the tube shall
shut off-when voltage is removed and shall not illuminate by reapplication
of the voltage unless the on-off switch is recycled from off to on to be
in conformance with Parallax.- View through the daylight eyepiece and establish
coincidence of the periscope reticle boresight cross and the projected tar-
get image crosslines by means of the boresight knobs. While viewing through
the eyepiece, parallax will be recognized by an apparent displacement of
the intersecting point of the periscope reticle boresight cross with re-
spect to the intersecting point of the projected target image crosslines
when the observer's head is moved from side to side or up and down.  Dis-
placement between the periscope reticle and target image shall not exceed
the tolerance specified in 3.8.2.  Upon satisfactory completion of this
test, perform the tests specified in and
4.6.6,2.1 Parallax adjustment.  If adjustment is necessary, a stand-
ard type screw driver that properly fits the screw slot of the locking screw
and eccentric shall be utilized for performing this adjustment.  The lock-
ing screw of Housing 11727432 shall be backed off a minimum of two revolu-
tions from its locked position.  Then while performing the test in,
rotate the eccentric clockwise or counterclockwise until the parallax re-
quirement specified therein has been met. When the adjustment is complete,
apply the applicable torque value specified in 3,5.8 to the locking screw
utilizing the torque wrench specified in

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