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Page Title: Band tightness
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4.5 Test methods and procedures.
4.5.1 Band tightness. The method of test shall comply with all requirements
of the operating instructions for the band tightness tester (Dwg. B7259545,
a detail of LI 11075781).  The inspection sample shall be cycled through the
tester to determine compliance with the rotating band tightness requirement.
The total measurement of radial void, registered on the tester indicator at
final ram pressure, shall be divided by four (number of indenters) to deter-
mine the average radial void.
4.5.2 Soundness.  The method of inspection shall be as specified in require-
ments of Operating Instructions for Eddy Current Flaw Detector (Dwg. D110752O3,
a detail of LI 11075781), except for those inspection requirements which are
reserved for Government application, as specified herein.  Application of defect standards. Master defect standards, refer-
enced in the operation instructions, shall apply to resolve inspection
discrepancies occurring between the results of defect standards supplied
for contractor "soundness" inspection and those supplied for Government
"soundness" verification.  (see 6.7)
4.5.3  Automatic eddy current inspection effectiveness. Equipment checkout
shall be performed as stated in the operating instructions at the start of
each shift and after any adjustment or shutdown.  Upon completion of check-
out, cycle the PCS No. 1, front slot and rear slot standards through the
inspection system during automatic operation.  All three standards must be
rejected to assure correct adjustment for reject level and scan limits.
During remainder of shift the PCS No. 1 shall be cycled through the equipment
at intervals of 20 5 minutes during automatic operation. Equipment verification. The government inspector will maintain,
independent of the contractor, a set of standards and may cycle these
standards through the equipment at any time.  Failure of equipment to
reject standards will be evidence that the equipment is not properly
adjusted and the contractor will be so notified.
4.5.4 Soundness verification. After equipment checkout and verification
as specified in 4.5.3 and the entire lot sample will be inspected
with the equipment operating automatically.  Any rejected unit of the
sample will be automatically cycled through the equipment with the CAL.
button pressed (to lower the sensitivity one step below that used for
production inspection).  Any unit which is rejected at the lower sensi-
tivity shall be classed as a defective.
4.5.5 Phosphate coating. The method of test shall be as prescribed by
TT-C-490 for the type of coating used (see Dwg. D11075781). The pre-
scribed panels shall be processed, with the projectiles to be represented,
at the start of daily production and at 4-hour intervals, maximum, there-
after.  Appearance and-weight of the coating shall be recorded.

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