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Page Title: Materials, components and processes
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MIL-P-70550 (AR)
4.4.3 Testing
Testing is described in the First Article and
Quality Conformance Inspection tables.
PRECAUTION:  This specification covers sampling and testing of
chemical, toxic or explosive materials which are potentially
hazardous to personnel.  Accordingly, it is emphasized that all
applicable safety rules, regulations and procedures must be
followed in handling and processing these materials.  Compression
testing equipment must be shielded and should allow for venting.
4.4.4  Inspection equipment.  The inspection equipment
required to perform the examinations and tests prescribed in this
specification is identified either directly or by reference, in
the "Paragraph Reference/Inspection Method" column of the Quality
Conformance Inspection tables herein.  The contractor shall submit
for approval inspection equipment designs in accordance with the
terms of the contract.  See Section 6 of MIL-A-48078 and 6.4
4.5 Methods of inspection.
Materials, components and processes.  Compliance with
all requirements of Section 3 of this specification shall be
ascertained by current and continuing examination of inspection
and test data to determine that all pellets have been inspected
and tested and found to comply with their respective drawing and
specification requirements, and that all specified manufacturing
processes have been followed. Visual and mechanical inspections.  The visual,
manual and mechanical inspections and tests shall verify
compliance with the requirements of Sections 3 and 5 of this
specification in accordance with 4.4.2 herein and Table I.
4.5.2 Compression test.  After completely curing, pellets
shall be compressed between two flat parallel plates which
completely cover the top and bottom face.  The plates shall move
together at 0.10 inches per minute.  Failure to meet the
requirement in 3.3 herein shall be cause for rejection of all
material produced since the last successful test.
4.5.3 Burn test.  Pellets will be placed on an approved scale
in the center of a 2 feet diameter tube.  Air at 56% 2% relative
humidity, 72 3F shall be drawn into the tube at 600 cubic
feet per minute.  When fully cured, the pellet shall be oriented
such that when either parallel face is on the scale surface a line
which bisects the 900 angle of the pellet will be perpendicular
to the direction of airflow over the pellet.  The pellet shall be
quickly ignited on the front-facing area and the ignition source
quickly withdrawn from the air stream.  Timing begins the moment
the pellet is first ignited.  Failure to comply with the
requirement in 3.4 herein, shall be cause for rejection of all

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