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Page Title: First article (initial production) approval
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otherwise specified, the supplier may utilize his own facilities or any
other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection require-
ments specified herein, unless disapproved by the Government.  The Govern-
ment reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the
specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure supplies
and services conform to prescribed requirements.
4.1.1 General provisions.- The component and subassembly inspection
requirements of MIL-F-13926 form a part of the Quality Assurance Provisions
of this specification.  Definitions of inspection terms shall be as listed
in MIL-STD-109.
4.2 First article (initial production) approval.- The requirement for
first article approval and the responsibility (Government or contractor) for
first article testing shall be as specified in the contract. The sample
for first article approval tests shall consist of three (3) quadrants plus
three (3) each of all items covered by SQAP.  The sample shall be manufactured
in the same manner, using the same materials, equipment, processes, and
procedures as used in regular production. All parts and materials, including
packaging and packing, shall be obtained from the same source of supply as
used in regular production.
4.2.1 Government testing.- When the Government is responsible for
conducting first article approval tests, the contractor, prior to submitting
the sample to the Government, shall inspect the sample to insure that it
conforms to all the requirements of the contract and submit a record of
this inspection with the sample, including certificates of conformance for
4.2.2 Contractor testing.- When the contractor is responsible for
conducting first article approval tests, the sample shall be inspected by
the contractor for all the requirements of the contract.  The sample and a
record of this inspection, including certificates of conformance for
materials, shall be submitted to the Government for approval.  The Govern-
ment reserves the right to witness the contractor's inspection.
4.3 Inspection Provisions.
4.3.1 Submission of Product.- Unless otherwise specified by the con-
tracting officer, inspection lot size, lot formation and presentation of lots
shall be in accordance with "Submission of Product" provisions of MIL-STD-105.
4.3.2 Examination and tests. Components and subassemblies.- All components and subassemblies
shall be inspected in accordance with the inspection provisions contained in
Supplementary Quality Assurance Provisions (SQAP) listed in the List of
Inspection Documents (IEL), when provided with the technical data package
(TDP).  In the absence of SQAPs, the applicable Quality Assurance Provisions
of MIL-F-13926 shall apply.

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