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Page Title: Inspection equipment design requirements
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4.5.2 Contractor furnished inspection equipment. Government design.-  Unless otherwise specified in the con-
tract, all inspection equipment specified by drawing number in specifi-
cations or SQAP forming a part of the contract shall be supplied by the
contractor in accordance with technical data listed in the List of Inspection
Documents when provided with the Technical Data Package (TDP).
The contractor shall provide inspection Contractor design.-
equipment compatible with the "Test Methods and Procedures" specified in
4.6 of this specification and with the "Component Inspection" and "Test
Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926.  Since tolerance of test equip-
ment is normally considered to be within 10% of the product tolerance for
which it is intended, this inherent error in the test equipment design
must be considered as part of the prescribed product tolerance limit.
Thus, concept, construction, materials, dimensions and tolerances used
in the design of test equipment shall be so selected and controlled as
to insure that the test equipment will reliably indicate acceptability
of a product which does not exceed 90% of the prescribed tolerance limit,
and permit positive rejection when non-conforming-  Construction shall be
such as to facilitate routine calibration of test equipment.
Special test- Inspection equipment design requirements.-
ing equipment to conduct the test for the accuracy requirements shall con-
form to Drawings D6510977 "Elevation Test Fixture Assembly", D8292946
"Adapter Level Test Quadrant, Gunner's Ml", and A8658940 "Inspection Aid".
Level the test fixture by means of the inspection aid positioned on the
trunnion cross bar. Assemble the test adapter to the fixture and level
the adapter with the inspection aid positioned on the referenced surface
of the test adapter.  In this position, the vernier scale of the elevation
fixture shall be set to zero.
4.6 Test methods and procedures.
-4.6.1 Storage temperature.-  The gunner's quadrant shall be exposed
to the temperature conditions specified in 3.4.1, utilizing testing equip-
ment in accordance with the "Test Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926.
The quadrant shall be placed in the test chamber and the temperature of
the chamber reduced gradually to -80 F and shall remain at this temperature
for a minimum of 4 hours.  At the completion of this 4 hour period, the
temperature shall then be gradually raised to +160 F and the quadrant
shall remain at this temperature for a minimum of 4 hours.  At the completion
of this 4 hour period the temperature of the test chamber shall be gradually
reduced to room ambient temperature (+6O to +90F) at which time the
quadrant. shall be removed from the test chamber. The quadrant shall then
be subjected to a visual and tactile examination to determine that there
is no evidence of distortion, cracks, level vial breakage, or undue
iorregularities of moving parts.  Caution shall be exercised during this
test to avoid subjecting the chest assemblies to thermal shock.

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