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Page Title: Freezing Rain
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4.3.6 Freezing Rain. - The regulator with gages attached and inlet and
outlet openings tightly closed, shall be subjected to a rain test at freezing
temperatures (equivalent to an outdoor freezing rain), or a rain test
followed by chilling to below freezing before the unit can dry appreciably.
While still below freezing temperatures, the regulator shall be subjected
to the test specified in paragraph
4.4 Inspection Tests. - Inspection tests shall consist of Individual
Tests and Sampling Tests.
4.4.1 Individual Tests. - Each regulator shall be subjected to the
following tests. Examination of Product. - Each regulator shall be inspected
to determine compliance with the requirements specified herein with respect
to material, workmanship, and marking. The regulator shall be connected to an inlet pressure of 3500 psi
gage, and with a delivery pressure of 500 psi, the flow rate of the regulator
shall be measured.  This flow rate shall be at least 25 cfm.
4.4.2 Sampling Tests. - A random sample shall be selected from each lot
of regulators in accordance with MIL-STD-105, Inspection Level L-5, with
Acceptance Number zero, and be subjected to the following test: Safety Valve. - The safety valve shall be tested to determine that
the venting starts at a delivery pressure of not less than 3600 psi, and shall
be tested to indicate that it reseals after venting at a pressure of not more
than 3400 psi.
4.4.3 Rejection and Retest. - Regulators which have been rejected may
be reworked or have parts replaced to correct the defects, and resubmitted
for acceptance.  However, final acceptance of the items on hand and subsequent
production is contingent upon the Inspector decision regarding the over-all
conformance of the product to specification requirements.  When corrective
action has been accomplished, all necessary tests shall be repeated. If
investigation indicates that the defects may exist in items previously accepted,
full particulars concerning the defects, including recommendations for caution,
will be furnished to the contracting officer. When sampling tests are specified on a number of items that are
selected from a production run and one or more of this number fails to meet
the specified tests, acceptance of all items still on hand and subsequent
production will be withheld until the extent and cause of failure is determined.
For operational reasons, individual tests may be continued pending investigation
of a sampling test failure.
4.5 All parts, specimens, or assemblies destroyed in making tests required
by this specification, to determine compliance with the specification, shall
be in addition to the quantity specified in the contract and shall be furnished
without increasing the cost of the contract.

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