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Page Title: Bolt assembly
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surfaces with the receiver and trigger hous-
from the receiver such that when the tile
ing and shall be gripped solidly between these
scope is mounted in the slide there shall be
components when assembled
clearance between the telescope and the iron
sights with reasonable room for making ad-
3.1.7 Bolt assembly.-The bolt shall move
justments in setting the sights. No portion
freely through its full range of travel. Lock-
of the telescope slide or bracket shall ob-
ing lugs shall bear evenly on full surface in
struct the sighting vision of the iron sights
alignment with locking surface in the re-
nor interfere with the insertion of the car-
tridge clip. The bracket shall be so mounted
to the receiver that when the telescope is
3.1.8 Follower slide.-The follower slide
targeted at 100 yards there shall be remain-
shall move freely from side to side on the
ing a sufficient amount of adjustment to
follower without tendency to stick or bind.
reach 1,000 yards of range with either Gov-
ernment standard ball, armor piercing, or
3.1.9 Gas cylinder.-The hole in which the
tracer ammunition.
piston operates shall be straight round,
smooth, and free of burrs, ridges, and other Receiver. -- The receiver shall be
processing defects.
selected for the M1C rifle (green) prior to
heat treatment condition. There shall be no
3.1.10 Firing pin.--The point of the firing
burrs. The longitudinal axis of the threading
pin shall be smooth and well formed.
which receives the barrel and the squareness
of the front of the receiver shall be such that
3.1.11 Clip latch.-The clip latch shall hold
the targeting requirements shall be met
the loaded clip firmly on the magazine of
the receiver until the last round is fired. Heat treatment.-Bracket and re-
ceiver after assembly shall be given the same
3.1.12 Rear sight assembly.--The aperture
heat treatment and protective finish as speci-
shall slide freely in the base without side
fied on the receiver drawing.
play. The windage knob thread shall fit in the
base without backlash.
2.1.14 Telescope for rifle, M1C.--The tele-
scope shall be as specified (see 6.2). It shall
3.1.13 Bracket and receiver assembly for
conform to the applicable specification and
rifle, M1C.
it shall be mounted in the telescope slide
assembly with the reticle in proper position. Bracket. -- The bracket for the
telescope mount shall be attached to the re-
ceiver before either member has received
3.1.15 Telescope slide assembly for rifle,
final heat treatment. The bracket shall be
M1C.--When the two lock screws have been
closely and uniformly positioned f rent to rear
rotated in a counterclockwise direction until
in relation to the f rent end of the receiver
the handles rest on the stop screws, the slide
and vertically and horizontally from the
is in the unlocked position and shall be capa-
centerline of bore. The bracket shall be posi-
ble of being readily mounted or dismounted
tioned so that the front holding screw will
from the bracket. In this position of the
break through and clear the caroming sur-
screws, the fit of the slide assembly and
face at the front end of the bolt lug slot.
bracket shall be smooth, free, and without
The rear screws and pins shall break through
appreciable shake. With the slide assembly
into the slot clear of the side walls. The
on the bracket and the locking screws turned
screws shall be finished flush with the bottom
clockwise approximately 155 from the un-
surface of the slot, tightened, and staked.
locked position, the slide assembly shall be
The bracket shall have a working distance
securely locked. The slide assembly shall be

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