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Page Title: Stocks and hundguards
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marked with the same serial number as that
ger Pull between the time the slack is taken
of the receiver of the rifle on which it was
up and the hammer is released, with pressure
applied to the tigger at a uniform rate of
targeted The marking shall be clear and
distinct and of sufficient size to be readily
increase over a period of not less than 10
discernible The marking shall be positioned
as indicated on the applicable drawing. The
clamping of the telescope in the mount shall
3.4 Interchangeability. -- All components
cause no deformation of the telescope tube.
and assemblies on lists supplied by the pro
It shall be possible to securely tighten the
curing agency, which substantially contain
telescope and upper part of bracket with the
those parts maintained for replacements,
locking levers and there shall be no shake
shall be interchangeable.
of the telescope and mount when the levers
are tightened. There shall be no looseness in
3.5. Striker indent.-The indent, taken in
the staked screws. The reticle shall remain
copper compression cylinders of 99.90 percent
serviceable and the adjustment shall have
pure copper, soft annealed shall be a mini-
positive action
mum of 0.016 inch; and it shall not be off
center more than one-half the diameter of
3.1.16 Stocks and hundguards.-The direc-
the striker point.
tion of the grain in wood stocks and hand-
guards shall be in the longitudinal direction
3.6 Breeching space ore proof tiring,
of the component. Slight deviation in groin
the breeching space shall be as shown on the
direction, small knots in the butt of the stock
applicable drawings. The breeding space
slight sap streaks, small checks, and small
should not increase more than 0.001 inch in
cracks shall not be cause for rejection pro-
proof firing; however, should this dimension
vided they do not cause weakness, especially
be exceeded, a second proof round shall show
in a thin section. Small checks, cracks, and
no further increase. In no instance shall the
knot holes shall be filled with shellac or plastic
maximum breeching space after proof firing
wood after approval by the inspector. Wood
exceed by more than 0.001 inch the maxi-
stocks and handguards shall be treated with
mum specified on the drawings,
chinawood oil base finish. Subsitution of
material other than that indicated on the
drawings may be made upon approval of the
3.7 Functioning-The rifle shall function
procuring agency.
smoothly and properly under firing con-
3.2 Springs.-Springs designated as criti-
cal by the drawings or, in the absence of
3.8 Targeting. -- The assembled rifle shall
specific requirements on the drawing, by the
require no greater range of sight adjustment
inspector, shall be subjected to an endurance
in targeting than is authorized in 4.8.
test by means of the gymnasticating device
specified in 4.2.
3.9 Accuracy.-The accuracy of each rifle
shall be such that five successive shots fired
3.3 Trigger pull-The trigger pull shall
at 100 yards shall fall on the target so as to
be smooth, free of perceptible creep and shall
group within or be cut by the size circle
be within the range of 4.5 to 7.5 pounds.
specified in 4.9.
There shall be no alteration of any com-
ponent beyond the prescribed tolerances in
3.10 Endurance.--Rifle shall have a de-
order to meet the trigger pull requirements.
pendable endurance life of 6,000 rounds with-
Note.-The word "creep" is interpreted to
out substitution of any components, without
breakage or excessive wear of any compo-
mean any perceptible movement in the trig-

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