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Page Title: Function firing test
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4.8.2 Rifle, M1C.
and bolt assembly of a lot shall be subjected
to the firing of one Government standard
4.82.1 Iron sights.--At a range of 100
high pressure proof cartridge under super-
yards and using a machine rest and Wood-
vision of the inspector. Suitible fixtures
worth type cradle each rifle Of a lot with
for proof firing these spare components
flash hider attached shall be tired one series
shall be provided by the contractor. The
of five rounds of caliber .30 Government
person doing the proof firing shall place
standard ball ammunition of known accuracy,
the prescribed proof-marks on each accepted
at a 5.6-inch bull's-eye With the rear sight
barrel, bolt, or receiver immediately after
elevation set at zero, the elevating knob hav-
the tesk
ing at least two clicks depression remaining,
the windage index within three clicks right
4.7 Function firing test.-Unless otherwise
or left of zero, and the sights aligned at 6
directed by the procuring agency, function
o'clock on the target, all shots shall be within
firing shall be conducted as follows: Each
the bull's-eye
rifle of the first lot manufactured shall be
tested by firing at least 96 rounds, 64 rounds Telescope sights.-At a range of
of which shall be U. S. Government caliber .30
100 yards and usig a machine rest and
standard service bail ammunition and 16
Woodworth type cradle, each rifle of a lot
rounds of such other ammunition as may be
with flash hider attached shall be fired one
directed by the procuring agency. In subs-
series of five rounds of caliber .30 Gover-
quent lots, each rifle shall be fired at least
nment standard ball ammunition of known
24 rounds using standard service ball ammu-
accuracy at a 5.6-inch bull's-eye. Each rifle
nition and, in addition hereto, approximately
shall be targeted using the mount and tele-
1 percent of the rifles shall be fired 8 rounds
scope assigned to the particular rifle. The
of such other ammunition as may be directed.
rifles equipped with telescopes having cross-
hair reticles shall be fired with the cross-hairs
4.8 Targeting firing tests.
centering on a 5.6-inch diameter bull's eye.
4.8.1 Rifle M1 .--At a range of 100 yards
The rifles having a tapered post reticle shall
be fired with the top of the post centered
and using a fixed or muzzle- and elbow rest,
under a 5.6-inch bull's-eye at 6 o'cock. Under
each rifle of a lot shall be fired one series of
five rounds of caliber .30 ball ammunition,
the above sighting condition, any group of
five successive shots will be at the center of
of known accuracy, at a 5-inch bull's eye or a
the bull's-eye or it shall be possible to bring
"T" target.
it there and yet have remaining at least 40 With the rear sight set at zero
clicks for elevation, 40 clicks right or left in
windage, the aperture elevated eight clicks
azimuth, and 40 clicks for depression. The
from the lowest position and the sights
group being at or having been brought to
aligned at 6 o'clock on the target, ail shots
the center of the bull's-eye, the reticle will
shall come within or cut the edge of the
be adjusted for 300 yards elevation. The zero
bull's eye (or a centrally located 5-inch circle
numeral on the indicating plates for eleva-
if a "T" target is used) or it shall be possible
tion and windage will then be set to the zero
to move the group within the bull's eye (or
index mark.
circle) with not more than six clicks of
4.9 Accuracy firing test.
adjustment, either up or down, right or left,
or both.
4.9.1 Rifle, M1. In the event that more than three Ninety-foot range optin,--At the
clicks of windage adjustment is required, a
option of the contractor, each rifle may be
correction must be made by shifting the front
fired at least one series of 5 rounds of caliber
sight, but the movement shall not cause over-
.30 standard service ball ammunition of
hanging on either side.

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