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Page Title: Rejections
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MIL-R-3285 Rejections.-Rifles rejected in-
of motion as in service. The inspector may
dividually because of inspection or malfunc-
increase the quantity of springs to be tested.
tions, nonacceptable condition or broken or
The contractor shall provide equipment in-
defective components or assemblies in any
cluding suitable recording cyclometer, for
test except the endurance test may be con-
making this test and shall record the con-
ditioned and resubmitted for inspection or
ditions, number of cycles specified, and re-
test in which failure occurred and such other
suits of each test
tests as the inspector may consider necessary,
4.3 Trigger pull test.-Each rifle of a lot
provided the number of rifles submitted for
shall be tested for trigger pull using a dead
such reinspection and retest does not exceed
weight attached to a hooked wire, The pre-
2 percent of the lot. Retests of a larger num-
scribed weights shall be applied pendant and
ber may be made at the discretion of the
parallel to axis of bore when the rifle is held
with the barrel in a vertical position The Endurance retest. --If the rifle
trigger shall be carefully checked for "creep."
representing any lot or lots fails to meet the
4.4 Interchangeability test. -
specified requirements in the endurance test,
a retest shall be made, unless in the opinion
4.4.1 Sample.-Ten rifles, selected by the
of the inspector, the failure or failures indi-
inspector from each lot, shall be tested for
cate serious defects in the rifles, in which
interchangeability of like components and
assemblies which are likely to require re-
case retest shall be made only if authorized
by the procuring agency. In case a retest is
placement or repair.
made the inspector shall select another rifle
4.4.2 Procedure.-Componenti and assem-
for the purpose from the lot under considers.
blies readily disassembled as shown in the
tion. If a retest is not made or the rifie
list to be furnished by the procuring agency
selected therefor fails in the retest, the lot
shall be disassembled from the weapons.
or lots shall be rejected subject to condition-
Components of each kind shall be placed
ing and further test.
together and mixed. The ties shall be re-
assembled without fitting or altering any
4.1.3 Inspection-Eash rifle of a lot shall
component in any way except that hand-
be visually inspected for completeness of
fitting will be allowed on not more than 2 per-
manufacture assembly, finish, and workman-
cent of the parts, provided that as a result,
ship. The chamber and bore shall be exam-
no component or assembly is rendered un-
ined for rust pits, powder fouling, burrs,
suitable for assembly in other rifles. The 10
and other defects. Each rifle shall be oper-
assembled rifles shall operate and function
ated by hand to ascertain that the final
adjustments have been made to assure proper
operation. Before final acceptance of any lot,
4.4.3 At the option of the inspector, all
the inspector shall make whatever final visual
rifles assembled from interchanged compo-
inspection deemed necessary to assure that
nents shall be subjected to function and
the rifles have undergone all inspection and
accuracy firing tests.
tests prescribed therefor, and that the rifles
have been thoroughly cleaned and prepared
4.5 Striker indent test.-The striker in-
for shipment as required by section 5.
dent shall be taken on at least 2 percent of the
rifles of a lot using a holding fixture with
4.2 Spring test.--Un1less otherwise speci-
copper compression cylinders, soft annealed
fied on the drawings /10 of 1 percent of the
(Government standard), inserted in the
springs from each lot, but not less than 10,
shall be tested through 20,000 cycles and
4.6 Breeching space proof firing test.--
stressed through the same range and at
Each assembled rifle, spare barrel, receiver,
approximately the same velocity and change

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