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3 . 3 . 1 4 S e l e c t o r .  T h e selector shall rotate from one position to
the other when manually pressed inward and rotated, and when indexed
a n d r e l e a s e d$ shall return to the outward position by spring action
a n d remain in place until reset manually.  When the selector is set
w i t h the letter "A" facing to the rear} i t s h a l l p o s i t i o n t h e s e a r
r e l e a s e and the connector assembly so that the rifle is capable of
automatic firing (continuous firing until the trigger is released).
W h e n the selector is set with its blank face to the rear, it shall
p o s i t i o n the sear release and the connector assembly so that the rifle
i s capable of only semiautomatic firing (single shot with each pull
of the trigger).
3 . 3 . 1 5 S e l e c t o r s h a f t l o c k .  W h e n the selector shaft lock is
u s e d} the rifle shall be capable of only semiautomatic firing; and
i t shall not be possible to rotate and index the selector shaft.
3.3.16 Sights.
3 . 3 . 1 6 . 1 F r o n t s i g h t .  T h e front sight shall be capable of lateral
adjustment on the tenon of the flash suppressor and when adjusted as
s p e c i f i e d in, shall be fastened securely by the front sight
3 . 3 . 1 6 . 2 Rear sight assembly.  The windage knob and the elevating
k n o b shall function without binding through their full range of travel
a n d shall produce positive retention perceptible by touch for each
d e t e n t notch when the sight is adjusted manually. The aperature shall
f u n c t i o n in the base without binding and the rear sight cover shall bear
on the aperature when the elevation knob is rotated manually.  When the
a p e r a t u r e is raised by setting the elevation knob to the 1000 meter
p o s i t i o n and finger pressure is applied to the rear of the aperature in
a n upward direction and then released, spring tension of the cover shall
r e t u r n the aperature back to the original 1000 meter Position.  The
w i n d a g e knob shall fit in the base.  T h e rear sight shall be adjusted
a s specified in  The aperature shall not move more than 0.002
i n c h after being elevated 45 clicks.
3 . 3 . 1 7 Stock assembly.
3 . 3 . 1 7 . 1 Butt plate assembly with shoulder rest. The butt plate assembly
w i t h s h o u l d e r r e s t s h a ble securely retained on  the stock by the butt
p l a t e screws so that there shall be no metal overhanging the stock. The
b u t t plate cap shall be retained in the opened position by the action
o f the butt plate plunger and spring and shall be retained in the closed
and locked position by the plunger operated catch.  T h e butt plate elon-
g a t e d contour shall aline with the accessory storage holes. The shoulder
r e s t plate Shall be retained in the opened or closed position by action
o f the ball and lock spring.  When the shoulder rest plate is in the
c l o s e d position it shall seat against the butt plate.

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