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Page Title: Ferrule
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3 . 3 . 1 7 . 2 F e r r u l e .  T h e ferrule shall be bonded to the stock in
a c c o r d a n c e with the applicable drawing.
3 . 3 . 1 7 . 3 P l a s t i c s t o c k .  T h e plastic stock shall be in accordance
w i t h the applicable drawings and MIL-S-45921  } and shall be capable of
b e i n g securely attached to the mating assembly of the rifle.
3 . 3 . 1 7 . 4 S w i v e l s .  The
butt swivel shall be retained securely
t o the stock by the long butt
plate screw and the sling swivel assembly
s h a l l be retained securely on
the stock by the rivets, except that the
s w i v e l loop shall be capable
of being rotated using light finger pressure.
3 . 3 . 1 8 Tightness of draw
of barrel
and receiver assembly. When
t h e barrel assembly is drawn
up in the
receiver to the position specified
on the applicable drawing, the
draw shall
not be broken by a disassembly
t o r q u e of 80 pound-feet when
tested as
specified in and 4.5.1.
3 . 3 . 1 9 Headspace.  The headspace shall be as specified on the
a p p l i c a b l e drawing when tested as specified in and 4.5.2.
3 . 3 . 2 0 F i r i n g p i n i n d e n t .  T h e firing pin indent shall not be
l e s s than 0.016 inch and it shall not be off center more than one-half'
t h e diameter of the firing pin point when tested as specified in
a n d 4.5.3.
3 . 3 . 2 1 T r i g g e r p u l l .  T h e trigger pull shall be free of creep and
shall be greater than 5.5 pounds but shall not exceed 7.5 pounds when
t e s t e d as specified in 4.4.3,3 and 4.5.4, Creep shall be interpreted
to mean any rough movement between the time the trigger slack is taken
up and the hammer is released.
3 . 3 2 2 H i g h - p r e s s u r e r e s i s t a n c e .  R i f l e s shall withstand the high.
p r e s s u r e resistance test (proof firing) when tested as specified in
4 . 4 . 3 . 4 and 4.5.5.  P a r t s shall be free of cracks, seamsj and other in-
j u r i o u s defects after proof firing as evidences by visual and magnetic
particle  inspection.
3 . 3 . 2 3  F u n c t i o n i n g .  R i f l e s shall operate without malfunctions or
u n s e r v i c e a b l e parts and the cyclic rate of fire for a 10-round continuous
b u r s t shall be within 650 to 780 rounds per minute, and the ejection pat-
t e r n s h a l l b e f r o m 1 5 t o 9 0O ( 1 2 : 3 0 t o 3 : 0 0 o ' c l o c k t o t h e r i g h t o f t h e
l o n g i t u d i n a l axis of the rifle) when tested as specified in and
3 . 3 . 2 4 Targeting and accuracy.
3 . 3 . 2 4 . 1 T a r g e t i n g .  T e n rounds fired from the rifle at a range
of 100 yards shall be within the targeting area specified on Drawing
C 1 1 6 8 6 8 4 2 when tested as specified in, and

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