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Page Title: Trigger pulltest
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4 . 5 . 4 T r i g g e r p u l l t e s t .  R i f l e s shall be tested for trigger pull
requirement (see 3.3.21) using the inspection equipment in accordance
with Drawing D11015517 and D11015518. The rifle shall be cocked and the
s a f e t y shall be in the "fire" position when each load is gradually
a p p l i e d to the trigger in the direction specified on the applicable
drawing. When the minimum load is applied the hammer shall not release
and when the maximum load is applied the hammer shall release.  The
t r i g g e r pull shall. also be tested for creep by appling pressure
m a n u a l l y to the trigger at a uniform rate of increase over a period
of not less than 3 seconds.
4.5.5 High-pressure resistance test. Rifles shall be tested for
h i g h - p r e s s u r e r e s i s t a n t r e q u i r e m e n t (See 3.3.22) by firing one high-
- p r e s s u r e test cartridge (see in each rifle. Proof firing
S h a l l . be accomplished with the rifle held in a firing stand in a
h o r i z o n t a l position simulating shoulder firing and conforming to Drawing
F 7 2 7 3 9 0 1 . Each receiver shall have been magnetic particle inspected,
a n d each barrel shall have been proof fired and magnetic particle inspected,
i n accordance With the applicable drawings before assembly to the rifle
f o r t h i s t e s t .  A f t e r proof firing rifles shall `be visually examined for
cracks, deformations and other evidence of damage and cartridge cases
s h a l l be visually examined for bulges$ splits, rings, and other defects
c a u s e d by defective barrels.  T h e receiver and the bolt and roller
a s s e m b l y - o f each rifle shall be magnetic particle inspected in accordance
w i t h the applicable drawings after completion of all firing tests (high-
- p r e s s u r e resistance, functioning, and targeting and accuracy). Proof
m a r k s and magnetic particle inspection marks shall be applied as indicated
o n the applicable drawings on rifles that have passed this test. Proof
marks shall not be applied to the stocks.
4.5.6 Functioning firing test.
4 . 5 . 6 . 1 Testing of rifles for functioning requirement (see 3.3.23)
s h a l l be accomplished with the rifles held in a firing stand simulating
s h o u l d e r firing and conforming to Drawing F7273901. The rifles shall
be assenmbled with the selector and the compression helical spring (used
w i t h the selector) and shall be functioned fired as follows using the
b a l l . cartridges (see 5 rounds semiautomatic (selector set with
t h e blank face to the rear); 3 to 5 rounds automatic in one burst (selector
s e t with the letter "A" facing to the rear); and the remaining rounds in
t h e magazine shall be fired in one burst.  D u r i n g a l l f i r i n g t h e e j e c t i o n
- p a t t e r n shall be visually checked to assure that the ejection pattern
i s within the limits specified in 3.3.23.  D u r i n g the semi-automatic firing,
r i f l e s shall be checked to assure that no double shots are fired and,
d u r i n g the interrupted burst firing; rifles shall be checked to assure
t h a t firing stops immediately when the trigger is released. The cyclic
r a t e of fire shall be taken and recorded on each rifle when firing the
remaining rounds in the magazine for a 10-round burst using a timer gage
conforming to Drawing B11015934.

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