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Page Title: Targeting and accuracy firing test
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MIL-R-45012E All firing in this test shall be performed using one fully
loaded 20-round magazine.
4.5.7  Targeting  and  accuracy  firing  test.  Rifles  shall  be  fired
at a range of 100  yards (91.4 m e t e r s ) f o r t a r g e t i n g a n d a c c u r a c y . H o w -
ever, rifles may be fired at a range of other than 100 yards but not
l e s s than 25 meters with suitable correlation in the targeting and accuracy
r e q u i r e m e n t s , and as approved by the contracting officer. Process qualification rifle test.
4 . 5 . 7 . 1 . 1 Assemble 100 rifles using parts that have been inspected
a n d accepted in accordance with the applicable criteria specified in the
c o n t r a c t (see 6.1).  B a r r e l s , bolts, receivers, stock assemblies, flash
s u p p r e s s o r s , gas cylinders, and operating rods shall have been subjected
t o 100% inspection for the criteria specified in the contract; other
p a r t s maybe taken from lots of accepted parts that have been inspected
b y sampling.  E a c h assembled rifle shall be subjected to and shall con-
f o r m to the applicable requirement for headspace, firing pin indent,
t r i g g e r p u l l , h i g h - p r e s s u r e r e s i s t a n c e} s e m i a u t o m a t i c  f u n c t i o n  f i r i n g
o f 10 rounds, and the final examination specified in through
4 . 5 . 7 . 1 . 2 Rifles shall. be fired fur accuracy at a range of 100
y a r d s (91.4 meters) using selected lots of ammunition (see
a s follows:
( a ) The rifle shall be inserted and clamped in an accuracy
f i r i n g fixture conforming to Drawing F6511841. (This fixture shall
h a v e been evaluated by the Government representative prior to firing
t o assure that it holds a rifle at a constant aiming point through
a series of 10 shots fired semiautomatically.)
( b ) The rear sight of each rifle shall be set at zero windage
a n d eight clicks elevation.
( c ) Two warming and setting shots shall be fired at a target
l o c a t e d in an enclosed range 100 yards from the muzzle of the rifle.
(d) A new target shall be set up and the sight alined at the
s i x o'clock position of the target sighting image.
T e n shots shall be fired semi-automatically at this target at
a rate which assures that the rifle has come to rest between shots, Target measuring and calculations. The following data
s h a l l be obtained:
( a ) The figure of merit, extreme horizontal (EH) plus extreme

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