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Page Title: Groups of non-mating parts
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order and placed in trays 2 through 10 to 1; groups of parts from the
t h i r d rifle. shall be taken in order and placed in trays 3 through 10
t o 2; etc.  C o m m e r c i a l parts, with the exception of those listed on
t h e interchange list, such as screws, spring pins, etc., shall be placed
in the same tray as their mating or associate part. Any commercial part.
rendered unserviceable by disassembly shall be replaced without penalty
t o t h e i n t e r c h a n g e a b i l i t y t e s t .  T h e rifles shall be reassembled using
only those parts which are in the same tray.  H o w e v e r , the 10 rifles for
t h e function firing test will be assembled with the selector (7267071)
and the compression helical spring (7267081), and the same 10 rifles
f o r the targeting and a c c u r a c y test will be assembled with the selector
s h a f t lock (7267172).
Groups of non-mating parts
Group II
Group I
P i n , trigger (7791367)
Barrel and Receiver assembly
L o c k , selector shaft (7267172)
S p r i n g ,  helical,  compression
P l a t e assembly, with shoulder
(7267081) (Used with selector -
r e s t (7790686)
S i g h t , front (7791445)
S p r i n g , safety (7267080)
S p r i n g , helical, compression
(7267079) (Used with
o p e r a t i n g r o d - 7267064)
Group IV
G r o u p III
Cylinder, gas (7790902)
B a n d , front (7267001)
Nut, flash suppressor (17267039)
B o l t and roller assembly
Plunger, hammer spring (6008880)
Selector (7267071)
Lock, gas cylinder (7790188)
S h a f t , selector (7267072)
Group VI
Group V
E x t r a c t o r (7791578)
Guard assembly, hand (7791286)
Knob, windage, rear sight assembly
G u i d e , operating rod (
Housing,spring (6008883)
Latch, magazine (7267032)
ring  (11686413)
Release, sear (7790192)
P i n i o n assembly, rear sight
S p r i n g , helical, compression
elevating (11010363)
( 6 0 0 8 8 8 7 ) (Used with firing
S w i v e l , butt (6008889 )
mechanism - 7790195)
S p r i n g , helical, compression
( 7 7 9 0 4 2 7 ) (used with connector-
Trigger and sear assembly (7267090)

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