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Page Title: Concurrent repair parts
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Group VII
G r o u p VIII
A p e r a t u r e (6008868)
C o v e r , rear sight (6008872)
E j e c t o r assembly, cartridge
G u a r d , trigger (7790990)
P l u n g e r ,  extractor  spring,
assembly (6008618)
Pin, hammer (5013668)
s c r e w , machine, slotted (7791267)
S p r i n g , helical, compression
P i s t o n (7267047)
S p r i n g} h e l i c a l , c o m p r e s s i o n
(7267605) (Used with valve-
( 7 2 6 7 0 7 4 ) (used with bolt
S t o p , Bolt (7267034)
stop - 7267034)
S p r i n g , helical, compression
Stock assembly w/o butt plate
( p r e m i x ) (11686427) (with
n u t - 7791339 and r e t a i n e r
Group IX
Group X
B a s e , rear sight (5546001)
Hammer (5546008)
Connector (7790425)
Magazine assembly (7790183)
G u i d e , spring (7267027)
H o u s i n g , Trigger (7267030)
S u p p e r s s o r , flash (7791053)
V a l v e , gas cutoff (7267604)
4 . 5 . 8 . 1 . 2 C o n c u r r e n t r e p a i r p a r t s .  C o n c u r r e n t repair parts shall
b e tested for interchangeability requirement (see 3.3.25) by disassembling
t w o rifles, previously tested in, as necessary and then re-
a s s e m b l i n g them using the concurrent repair parts.  No hand refinement
o f parts will be allowed, and the rifles shall. operate and function
p r o p e r l y .  T h i s test may be performed independently of the rifles inter-
c h a n g e a b i l i t y test specified in, and at more frequent intervals
u s i n g accepted rifles taken from current production.
4 . 5 . 8 . 2  I n t e r P l a n t .  R i f l e s to be sub jetted to the interplant
i n t e r c h a n g e a b i t y  t e s t shall be given preliminary hand functioning to
a s s u r e proper operation before parts are disassembled from the rifle.
T h e rifles shall be tested for headspace, firing pin indent, and trigger
p u l l requirements before and after interchange of parts using the test
methods specified in, and 4.5.4 respectively. In addition,
t h e rifles shall be tested for functioning and targeting and accuracy
r e q u i r e m e n t s after interchange of parts using the test methods specified
in  4.5.6  and  4.5.7  respectively.  R i f l e s shall be interchanged in a
m a n n e r similar to the detailed plan specified in except that
p a r t s shall be divided into six groups and that when disassembling,
e v e r y other rifle used shall be one produced by a different manufacturer.

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