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Page Title: Front band and stock ferrule clearance
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3 . 2 . 1 6 . 5 Front band and stock ferrule clearance. There shall be
1/64-inch minimum clearance between the front band and stock ferrule (see
Drawing J7790476).
3 . 2 . 1 6 . 6 S w i v e l s .  The butt swivel shall be fastened securely to
the stock by the long butt plate screw.  The sling swivel assembly shall
b e fastened securely to the stock by rivets. There shall be no relative
movement of these parts except that the swivel loop shall rotate using
l i g h t finger pressure.
3.2.17 Soundness of weld.  The welding of the selector shaft and
the sear release to the receiver shall show good fusion. The weld and
w e l d e d parts shall be free of cracks, porosity, inclusions and other
m e t a l l i c  d i s c o n t i n u i t i e s ,  T e s t i n g shall be as specified in
3 . 2 . 1 8 Tightness of draw.  When the barrel is drawn into the
receiver, the breakaway torque shall not be less than 80-foot-pounds.
T e s t i n g shall be as specified in
3.2.19 Headspace.  A f t e r proof firing, the headspace shall be
1.6355 inches minimum to 1.6385 inches maximum. Testing shall be as
s p e c i f i e d in
3 . 3 Performance characteristics.
3.3..1  Firing
p i n indent.  F i r i n g pin indent shall be .016 inch
minimum, shall not
cause pierced primers, and shall not be off center
m o r e than one-half
the diameter of the firing pin point. Testing shall
b e as specified in
3 . 3 . 2 T r i g g e r p u l l .  T h e trigger pull shall be free of creep, and
s h a l l be within the range of 4 1/2 to 6-pounds. Creep shall be inter-
preted to mean any perceptible rough movement between the time the
trigger slack is taken up and the hammer is released. Testing shall be
a s specified in
3 . 3 . 3 High-pressure resistance.  R i f l e s shall withstand the proof
firing of one Government standard 7.62mm. M60 hiqh-pressure test cart-
r i d g e .  C a r t r i d g e s shall be in accordance with MIL-C-46477. Testing
s h a l l be as specified in
3 . 3 . 4 F u n c t i o n i n g .  Rifles shall be capable of only semiautomatic
f i r e , and shall operate without malfunctions or unserviceable parts.
Rifles shall be function fired using Government standard 7.62mm, M118,
NATO match cartridges.  Cartridges shall be in accordance with
M I L - C - 4 6 9 3 4 . Testing shall be as specified in

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