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Page Title: Classification of inspection
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4.3  Classification  of  inspection.
The inspection requirements
s p e c i f i e d herein are as follows:
a.  F i r s t article inspection (see 4.4)
b . Quality conformance inspection (see 4.5)
4.4 First article inspection.  The  first  article  (initial  production
u n i t ( s ) ) shall be submitted for inspection in accordance with the contract
(see 6.1 ).  T h e first article shall be representative of the production
p r o c e s s e s to be used during quantity production. The first article shall
b e subjected to the quality conformance inspection specified herein and
s u c h other inspection as necessary to determine that all requirements of
the contract have been met.
4 . 5 Quality conformance inspection.
4 . 5 . 1 I n s p e c t i o n l o t .  U n l e s s otherwise specified (see 6.1), the
f o r m a t i o n , size and presentation of inspection lots shall be in accordance
with MIL-STD-105 and- MIL-W-13855. When" Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL's)
a r e " specified, the AQL's shall be individually applied in accordance with
4 . 5 . 2 I n - P r o c e s s c o n t r o l .  T h e contractor shall establish in-process
i n s p e c t i o n at strategically located points throughout his manufacturing
p r o c e s s e s to assure continuous control of product quality. Except for
u n m o d i f i e d Military standard and commercial parts (see 4.2.1 and,
t h e contractor's inspection system shall provide for inspection and
- a p p r o v a l of the first piece at each operation and/or the finished part
b e f o r e quality production.  I n addition, the contractor shall provide and
maintain work gages and other measuring and testing devices necessary to
a c c o m p l i s h inspection and control quality during his manufacturing
4 . 5 . 3  Inspection  records.  C o n t r a c t o r ' s records of inspection shall
be accurate, complete and available to the Government upon request. The
c o n t r a c t o r ' s records of inspection shall provide, as a minimum, the
following information:
Contract order number
D r a w i n g and specification number with revision
l e t t e r and revision date
Nomenclature of items inspected
Number of pieces inspected
I n d i v i d u a l  characteristics  inspected
Conformance/nonconformance  criteria
D e s c r i p t i o n and quantity of defects found

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