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Page Title: Certification provisions
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R e s u l t s of inspection (e.g. identification of conforming and
o f nonconforming product).  A c t u a l inspection and test results
shall be recorded when actual measurements and tests were the
basis for conformance/nonconformance decisions.
D a t e of inspection
The following shall be included when sampling is used:
Sampling plan
AQL's used
Lot size and lot number
Sample size
4 . 5 . 3 . 1 The contractor shall make available to the Government
r e p r e s e n t a t i v e records of qualification of operators and equipment for
s p e c i a l processes (i.e. magnetic particle, radiographic, etc.) to appli-
c a b l e specifications and standards.  T h i s shall apply whether the special
p r o c e s s e s are performed at the subcontractor's facility or at the con-
t r a c t o r ' s p l a n t ,  A l l inspection records, including certified test reports,
o p e r a t o r / p r o c e s s certifications, test reports, reports of visits to the
s u b c o n t r a c t o r , etc., shall be maintained on file at the contractor's plant
and made readily available to the Government representative, upon request,
f o r the duration of the contract and for three years thereafter.
4.5.4 Certification provisions.
4 . 5 . 4 . 1 Certified test reports (CTR). When specified in the con-
t r a c t or in documents referenced therein, the contractor shall make
a v a i l a b l e to the Government a certified test report for each lot of parts,
assemblies, subsystems and systems by lot number prior to acceptance.
C e r t i f i e d test reports are NOT required for Military standard and com-
m e r c i a l items (see 4.2.1 and  T h i s test report is in addition
t o , and not in lieu of, any rights of the Government under this contract
or law.  A CTR may be used as an element incident to, but shall not be
used as the sole basis for, Government acceptance of the contract item(s).
A s a minimum, the report shall contain the following:
Name of company and date.
Contract number or purchase order number, national
stock number and drawing number.
c.  C o m p l e t e nomenclature of supplies together with lot
The quantity in each
n u m b e r or other identification.
l o t or shipment shall be given.
d . All inspections and tests required by contract (i.e.,
m a t e r i a l , processes, performance, functional, etc.)
s h a l l be recorded in test reports.  These reports
s h a l l identify each lot, submitted for acceptance by
l o t number, the specification or drawing, revision
and date, grade or type as applicable, number of
s p e c i m e n s tested, specified characteristics and
r e q u i r e m e n t s , and actual results obtained.

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