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Page Title: Equipment utilization
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( 1 ) Similar multiple inspection at the
contractor's  facilities
( 2 ) Inspection operations at sub-contractor's
( 3 ) Required periodic calibration, maintenance
or replacement.
4 . 5 . 7 . 1 E q u i p m e n t u t i l i z a t i o n .  Use of contractor's or Government
furnished inspection equipment, when desired by the Government represent-
a t i v e , shall be permitted without charge.  Government-furnished acceptance
inspection equipment shall not be used by the contractor in lieu of con-
tractor work gages and equipment.
I n s p e c t i o n standards shall be
4 . 5 . 7 . 2 Inspection standards.
u t i l i z e d for those characteristics requiring inspection decisions by
Items selected as visual comparison standards
v i s u a l (eye sight) means.
shall be mutually agreed to by the contractor and the Government, within
d r a w i n g and specification requirements, and shall be used to assist in
d e t e r m i n i n g configuration and minimum acceptance criteria. The visual
comparison standards selected shall be subject to approval by the respon-
s i b l e technical agency.  Each comparison or inspection standard shall be
k e p t under the control of the contractor's inspection element and be
p o s i t i v e l y identified as to the characteristic or condition the standard
represents, date established as the standard, number of the standard, and
identity of the contractor and the Government inspection personnel
e s t a b l i s h i n g the standard,
4 . 5 . 7 . 3 Ammunition.  Unless otherwise specified in the procurement
documents (see 6.1) Government standard 7.62mm, M60, high-pressure test
c a r t r i d g e s (see MIL-C-46477) shall be used for the high-pressure resis-
tance test (see 4.6.6) and Government standard 7.62mm, M118, NATO match
cartridges (see MIL-C-46934) shall be used for the functioning and
t a r g e t i n g and accuracy firing test (see 4.6.7).
4 . 5 . 8 P a r t s i n s p e c t i o n .  Inspection of parts and subsequent assem-
b l i e s shall be as specified in the contract (see 6.1), and shall be
accomplished prior to assembly into the next higher assembly or the end
4 . 5 . 9  Examination.  Each rifle shall be examined as specified in
Table 1.  R i f l e s failing to meet the requirements shall be rejected.

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