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MIL-R-50263A (PA)
eight rounds at +46 degrees centigrade and eight rounds at +66
degrees centigrade except the XM255 rocket shall be tested at;
eight rounds at -32 degrees centigrade, eight rounds at +46
degrees centigrade and eight rounds at +63 degrees centigrade.
Minimum conditioning time shall be 24 hours.  During the last
three hours of conditioning, the cabinet temperature shall
be maintained within three degrees of the temperatures speci-
fied.  Each firing shall occur within ten minutes from the
time the complete round is removed from the temperature-
conditioning cabinet.  A complete round left out of the condi-
tioning cabinet in excess of ten minutes prior to firing shall
be placed at ambient temperature for not less than eight hours
and then reconditioned to the applicable temperature.  A direct
current (dc) power supply shall provide a firing pulse of 2.8
to 3.2 amperes to the ignition circuit of the rocket motor.
Firing of the entire sample shall be completed even if two or
more defective are obtained. Each sample round shall be fired from a pedestal
mounted launcher containing a maximum of four tubes.  The
launcher shall be capable of charging electronic fuzes with
umbilical cables and have umbilical break-away in twelve (12)
inches of rocket movement with a minimum force of two (2) pounds
and a maximum force of ten (10) pounds.  The launcher shall be
constructed such that the launch quadrant elevation (QE) can be
varied from  +20 degrees to -20 degrees and azimuth varied 30
degrees. The elevation of the longitudinal axis of the launch
tubes directly above the launcher pedestal shall be considered
O (zero) elevation reference.  The launcher tube longitudinal
axis shall be in line with the centerline of the radar. The launcher shall be so located that point de-
tonation (PD) fuzed rockets will impact at a slant range of
approximately 900 meters when launched at a QE of 0 to -20.
A QE of approximately -7 will be used unless otherwise speci-
fied by the procuring agency.  The impact area shall be such
that a rocket launched from this attitude shall not have a
trajectory resulting in a slant range in excess of 1,200 meters. The launcher shall have a detent release force of
200 20 pounds.  The launcher assembly shall be so fabricated
and mounted that the azimuth (The horizontal direction expressed
as the angular distance, in degrees, between TRUE NORTH and the
direction of the specified object and measured clockwise from
true north) or its line-of-fire and quadrant elevation (QE)
will remain fixed during firing of all sample rounds.  The
launcher azimuth and QE shall be recorded for each sample round

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