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Page Title: Requirements - Continued
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7.  The charger-setter shall contain two precision RC Fuze Module
Models containing all the components of the XM433E1 and M439 Fuze
Modules (Picatinny Arsenal dwg's 9260685C and 9260689C) mounted on
a detachable panel.  All of the components for the RC Fuze Module
Models shall be precision and selected for nominal values e.g. see
Figure 2 where a few of the components present in the simplified
diagram are specified.  Additional precision capacitors with nec-
essary switching network shall be provided for varying
capacitors individually by 10% from their nominal values
listed in Figure 2.  The latter feature will provide the conditions
for testing the charger's compensation feature.  Switching circuitry
shall also be provided:  for discharging
through 220 ohms
loads; for simultaneously starting module timing
and time interval counter (T.I.C.).  Necessary coaxial cables for
charging and monitoring of the time delay on T.I.C. shall also be
provided.  These models will be used in conducting checks (self
test) of the calibration status of setter and operational status
of ground launcher test set up.
8.  The setter shall provide a self check feature for a quick,
before and after a test, determination or verification of the oper-
ational and calibration status of the setter.  This self-check shall
for the Canopy and Airburst Modes);
incorporate a fuze set panel
the charger; circuits for injecting, following charging of
standby one shot time delays (5 seconds for XM433E1, .1 second
for M439) to the start of fuze timing; two precision RC Fuze Module
Models as specified in section 7.  A check on the calibration status
of setter shall be performed, before and after a test, by using
fuze set panel
inputs and the charger to charge and function
XM433E1 and XM439 Precision Fuze Module Models-comparing function
time to that calibration data displayed on portable charger fly
leaf.  In addition and in like fashion to latter check procedure,
the Models'
capacitors shall be varied in all possible
combinations of nominals and 10% of nominals values for the
performance of a periodic check of the charger's compensation feature.
Out of tolerance results shall require formal calibration.
9.  The setter shall contain a procedure for determining the
operational status of a ground launch set-up for performing Ballistic
tests of 2.75" RKT Rounds containing RC Fuzes.  The ground launch
manual set-up shall consist of 115V 60 Hz. and 28 VDC power sources;
switching and reset networks; the setter with set panel; camera and
oscilloscope sync and buffered fuze charge signature output jacks;
detachable panel mounted precision replicas of XM433E1 and M439
fuze modules (Picatinny Arsenal Dwg's 9260685C and 9260689C modified
as per section 7) plus auxiliary equipment and interconnecting cables.
The auxiliary equipment shall consist of a time interval counter, a
memory oscilloscope for fuze charge signature/firing pulse monitoring,
time recording cameras and manual sequencer for switching charge line
from round to-round. The detachable fuze module umbilical cable
connector shall be plugged into adapter of launcher to simulate a
fuze (XM433E1 or M439).  All components and cables of setter shall be
enclosed in a rugged waterproof case able to withstand commercial
transportation exposure.

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