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Page Title: Electromagmetic compatibility test
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8 August 1973 Salt fog test. Perform this test utilizing the apparatus
(chamber, atomizers, air supply, and salt solution) specified in
Method 509 of MIL-STD-810, in accordance with Procedure I therein,"
except the rangefinder shall not be operated during performance of
test. After exosure, perform the tests of 4.6.4 and
determine compliance with Fungus test.  Perform this test utilizing the apparatus
specified in Method 508 of MIL-STD-81O, in accordance with
Procedure I therein with the unit nonoperating. After exposure,
perform the tests of 4.6.4 and 4.6.9 to determine compliance with Electromagmetic compatibility test. Electromagnetic
measurements shall be performed in accordance with. the applicable
procedures specified in MIL-STD-462 for Class IC equipment to determine
compliance with 3.3.3.
4.6.27 Special operating conditions `test. Prior to performing
this test, all units shall be protected from direct impingement of water
blast by using protective devices simulating the ballistic protective
covers used when installed jn the M551 vehicle. Perform this test
utilizing a commercial type high pressure water hose with a water
pressure equivalent to that from a standard fire hydrant. The
direction of force shall be from each of 3 mutually perpendicular planes
oriented to the center of mass initially and slowly traversing the entire
area. Each water application shall be for a period of at least 3 minutes
with a distance of 5 feet + 6 inches from nozzle to applied surface. A
visual and tactile examination shall be conducted for loose or broken
parts and other possible damage to determine compliance with 3.3.4.
4.6.28 Reliability test.  Reliability testing shall be performed in
conduction wth First Article Testing. During those rangefinder firing
tests outlined in this specification, additional firings shall be performed in
order that the rangefinder reliability (3. 3. 6) may be verified. Each sample
range finale r shall accumulate a minimum of 3000 rangings (First Article
sample to three (3) range finders). A record shall be maintained for each
sample indicating serial number; type of environmental exposure, number
of failures (type and cause) (see 6.3.2), and range data (true range and
range finder range), as well as type of power supply and battery used
(i. e., rangings per battery, serial number before requiring each recharge
and the number of recharging required during tests). An entry will be

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